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Where can I find a Sidecar promo code? SideCar first time rider receive $15 off on ride

Sorry, folks! Sidecar went out of business on December 31, 2015. 

What does TNC stand for? 

TNC means Transportation Network Companies. Uber, Lyft and Sidecar operate under the TNC, which are peer-to-peer communication networks referred to as ridesharing services. For the most part, passengers are able to request rides via smartphones and travel to destinations in a ridesharing vehicle.

The most common ridesharing services under the TNC are UberX, Lyft and Sidecar. UberX and Lyft are direct competitors outside of the ride startup HQ's in San Francisco.

Will a ridesharing company deactivate me, as a driver, from their platform if my ratings are low? 

Yes, they will. Lyft deactivated good drivers based on a process. Read the steps to deactivation from Lyft here.

Uber is more lenient on ratings. Their minimum star rating score is 4.70. Read here about Uber ratings.

What are the steps to apply as a driver with ridesharing companies? 

Ridesharing companies each have a different application process to become a driver. Read here.

Want to become a Sidecar driver. Read the steps and requirements here.

Lyft is always hiring new drivers. They will give bonuses to current UberX drivers. Read here.

***All ridesharing drivers must be approved to drive on a ride platform. A random person can't download the driver app and begin taking rides without going through the application process.***

What do I find driver inspection forms for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar?

Sidecar inspection forms can be downloaded below:

California inspection form

Washington inspection form

Uber Inspection form for UberX can be downloaded below:

Uber vehicle inspection form

Lyft inspection form is available below:

Lyft vehicle inspection form

What is the proper TNC trade dress authorized for ridesharing companies? 

Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar each have an approved trade dress under the TNC.

Read this article on trade dress here.

Can I use ridesharing to go to and from the airport? 

Yes, you can request a ridesharing service to get a ride at the airport.

Sidecar is the first TNC to receive a permit to operate at SFO (San Francisco Airport). Uber's UberX ride platform and ridesharing company Lyft also signed permits to operate at SFO. Before this landmark agreement, no ridesharing vehicles were authorized to pick up passengers at SFO.

With proper training of airport policies and code, as well as a designated permit, ridesharing drivers will now have an approved TNC que area, like taxis, to make pickups.

Work for a ridesharing company and want to perform SFO pickups? Check details of the steps via e-mail. Uber, Sidecar (already sent) and Lyft will send additional details of the required steps to get approved on SFO pickups.

What are ridesharing services? 

Ridesharing is an act of sharing a ride. Ridesharing services operating as TNCs designate approved drivers to make pickups via smartphones. Whenever a ridesharing vehicle is available on specific platforms, passengers can request a driver.

UberX (Uber ridesharing platform), Lyft and Sidecar are the most popular ride services. These ride startups launched in San Francisco.

Read this article below to better understand what ridesharing services are? What are Ridesharing Services?: Ridesharing services  are taking the transportation industry by storm, redefining the traditional taxi model to improve ride efficiency an...

How are trips handled on ridesharing platforms? 

Ridesharing companies store personal credit cards in ridesharing accounts. When a client/passenger/rider take a trip, this amount is authorized against their credit card. If an account credit is available, then the cost of the trip is subtracted from this amount.

Ridesharing services operate on a cashless system. Passengers can increase the cost of a ride to give Lyft and Sidecar passengers a tip. However, UberX doesn't have a built-in feature to submit donations. Therefore, Uber clients who choose to reward with their may tip them with cash.

What does TCP stand for?

TCP on vehicles stand for Transportation Charter Permit. These vehicles provide a commercial transportation service and are licensed in their respective state. There are a few types of TCP licenses that designate vehicles and drivers through their transportation offerings. Therefore, these requirements must meet state regulations to perform transportation services under the scope of the transportation laws enacted in each state. The California Public Utilities Commission monitor both TCP and TNC requirements.

Whether these transportation services are limousines, chauffeur vehicles, vanpools, shuttles, buses and other types of vehicles providing a transportation service, specific requirements are implemented to properly maintain safety standards. TCP drivers must retain commercial insurance, hold valid licenses in their specific transportation category, notify DMV of this commercial service, and additional requirements. In California, California Utilities Public Commission regulate TCP and TNC services. Read more here.

Who do I contact for lost items on Uber?

As a Lyft driver, what are the steps to take after a passenger vomits inside my vehicle?

As a passenger/rider, can I change my star rating given to drivers? 

We believe you can change this star rating. Visit the following ridesharing support pages and contact the ridesharing company to revise driver star ratings:

Uber - (locate e-mail option if you can't find answer to changing ratings)
Lyft - (click on Contact Us below questions)
Sidecar - (Send e-mail) - Sidecar went out of business on December 31, 2015.

Where do I turn in the Uber vehicle inspection form? 

Turn in Uber vehicle inspection form in document upload section located in If an inspection form hasn't been submitted yet, a red number will appear on the left side panel. Click on this number. Upload this inspection document. If there's an error with uploading this document, contact Uber support through your specific GEO location designated by Uber.

Do ridesharing drivers rate me as a passenger? 

Yes, they do. Drivers must rate all passengers once a trip is completed. Low-rated passengers may experience difficulty connecting with drivers who rely on ratings to measure rideability.

What are Lyft passenger filters? 

Lyft enables their drivers to set passenger filters to avoid passengers who donate less than the recommended cost of rides. 90%, 80% and 70% filters. If a passenger donates less and drivers set filters, these ride requests will only arrive to those who don't set filters or are within the percentage requirements.

Lyft drivers set filters to protect their earnings. In the past, passengers would take long rides and reduce the donation to a much lower amount and even zeroed out the donation to get a free ride. Passenger filters ensure drivers get connected with passengers who donate at least a specific amount or more.

What is UberPool? UberPool review: UberPool is a carpool service that operates under Uber. Currently, Uber is holding an UberPool promotion that enables all Uber clients to t...

Will Lyft reactivate my deactivated driver account? 

No. No driver reactivations on Lyft: Deactivated Lyft drivers want to know if their Lyft driver accounts can be reactivated. No, these deactivated driver accounts won't get...

What happens when my car breaks down and I don't have a backup vehicle activated on my driver account? 

Plain and simple, you can't drive. If using Uber $10 per week phone rental on On UberX platform, your driver account will go negative $10 on all weeks you miss driving. Uber informs these unfortunate drivers they can purchase and/or lease a new driver.

For the most part, ridesharing companies don't care if your vehicle breaks down, nor do they sympathize for you losing valuable time on the road. Don't expect these ride companies to help you out of a jam. It doesn't matter if a rider damages your ride to restrict ridesharing activities, these rideshares turn a blind eye to avoid paying out.

As a ridesharing driver, you must protect yourself. Be sure to add two authorized vehicles on driver accounts to salvage your future earnings. With all the driving you do, there comes a time your vehicle will give out. Plan ahead for any unfortunate events that may set you back many weeks and months.

When does Uber direct deposit Partners? 

Uber Partners are paid every Thursday morning - once a week.

What insurance companies provide ridesharing insurance coverage? 

Farmer's Insurance and MetroMile.

Where is Uber Headquarters located at? 

301 Vermont St., San Francisco, California.

How do I become an UberX driver and make $700 in the process upon completing 100 trips? 

Visit here to signup as a new UberX driver.

What is surge pricing and why does Uber use it? 

Visit here to read about Uber surge pricing.

What is UberEats? 

UberEats is an Uber delivery service. Uber drivers pick food orders up at participating food and dessert locations and deliver to clients. Restaurants pay a commission to be featured on UberEats app. Currently, Uber is covering the cost of delivery. Download app at Use promo code ts958uSFEATS to enjoy $10 off on first order.

How do I become an UberEats delivery driver? 

Signup here to get a bonus after qualified delivery trips are activated