Friday, June 23, 2017

Uber employees want Travis Kalanick back!

The word out there is that Uber employees are petitioning for Travis Kalanick to reclaim his CEO position. On the day of his resignation, a 180 day plan emailed to drivers revealed changes to improve overall conditions on the road. Quite a few clients took advantage of time through making drivers wait and/or requesting and canceling trips multiple times.

Would bringing Travis Kalanick back to the company he founded improve the image of Uber? In the past few years, algorithms made reaching bonuses nearly impossible. Yet, Uber continued to ignore shady tricks aimed at frustrating and exhausting drivers. These algorithms may be designed to suck the life out of drivers. Uber investors are thus ignoring unethical practices that increase safety risks and exhaust drivers.

The best drivers understand the value of time, something which clients disrespect often with delaying pickups, making address mistakes, moving away from pickup addresses, and requesting fast food runs to jeopardize weekly quests. If not for these weekly quests, drivers would leave Uber.

Travis Kalanick is one of the brilliant minds who founded Uber. As the CEO of Uber, Travis represented the face of his highly influential transportation company. What now? Will Travis Kalanick return? The Uber Board of Investors will have their hands full trying to keep drivers, riders, and employees happy. If the next CEO is unable to keep the ship floating, Uber could lose to Lyft.