Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lyft drivers earned $250 million in tips--Uber drivers earned $0 in-app tips

Lyft has taken large strides to make their drivers happy. Ever since their launch, Lyft punished 4.80 and below drivers with unfair deactivations. Their decision to put a stake in these drivers went unreported in the media. There may be a chance this unethical action could be illegal. Aside from termination/deactivation activity, Lyft is giving their drivers access to high earnings. $250 million was collected in tips and given to Lyft drivers. Meanwhile, Uber drivers have lost out on millions.

Uber has cost drivers significant earnings. Their algorithms ensure Uber can save as much money as possible; they get the most out of drivers for a small payout. Uber is a rider-first ride technology company. Their riders matter so much that they're willing to give UberPool clients access to images of new riders. However, drivers will only see an egg in place of an image.

Lyft is making adjustments to increase the income of their drivers. It's an ethical way to reward current drivers, while past drivers were removed from their platform following a poor policy that considered 4.79 rating bottom of the barrel drivers. Kudos to Lyft for putting their drivers first, and riders second. In radio commercials, Lyft makes it known that drivers matter most.

Uber is now taking aim at Lyft to integrate a tipping feature into the rider app. They deceived many past riders about including tips in fares. Riders would tell drivers we don't have to tip you, you're Uber. The reputation of Uber took a hit from withholding this in-app tipping to reward Uber drivers.

We commend Uber for finally making the move to introduce a tipping feature. In the past, your ride service kept drivers in the dark about the status of this tipping feature. UberEATS delivery drivers have lost out on valuable earnings. As you may now, delivery trips pay little money. There is no way UberEATS delivery drivers are earning $25-$35 an hour. That is a blatant lie, a fabrication of the truth to advertise that delivery drivers can earn greater than $20 an hour. Long pickup times, waiting times, single orders, delivery time, and customers taking too long to retrieve orders make UberEATS the most unappealing delivery service of all companies participating in this industry.

We know drivers who were ready to leave Uber. How can a powerhouse like Uber deny their drivers access to tips? Most people will not tip in cash. You'll be lucky to get a dollar bill. Out of 100 trips a few weeks ago, a driver made $3 in tips. Uber deceived their riders and drivers. They blocked access to millions in tips. If Lyft drivers earned $250 million in tips, then Uber drivers could have collected $1 billion in tips over the same time period.

Uber executives have some explaining to do for costing all their Uber drivers nearly a billion in lost tips. Because of Uber gaming their drivers to miss bonuses, they believe that making adjustments will forgive past inactions. Drivers kept reminding Uber of this tipping feature. Clients kept criticizing Uber for preventing this tipping feature from seeing life on the rider app. Finally, Uber is listening because they probably feared losing their best drivers to rival competitors.

Any delivery service that blocks service providers from receiving tips should be ashamed. All that time invested in making deliveries cost drivers significant earnings. Matching drivers with 15-30 minute pickup times, restaurants not having orders ready, and the challenges to deliver orders to clients who put the wrong instructions on app impacted the UberEATS driver base.

Uber drivers providing UberX and UberPool services got ripped off. Ask Uber about their algorithm specialists that wring drivers like damp towels. They won't confess this shady practice. Uber drivers are experiencing pressure, fatigue and fear of missing the weekday/weekend bonus. Unfortunately, this is typical Uber behavior to treat their drivers so poorly. If not for loyalty, drivers would leave Uber. Luckily, Uber allows their best drivers to remain active on the platform.

Lyft is guilty of unfairly deactivating driver accounts. They should be investigated and sued for wrongly deactivating their past drivers.

As for now, Uber is taking steps to ensure their drivers are properly rewarded for great service. If the restaurant industry blocked credit card tips, servers would quit. Most people do not carry cash to tip for service, accordingly. We'll see how this new change will increase overall earnings.

Drivers who are unable to reach incentives drive away with small earnings. They need tips to offset expenses required to stay on the road. Uber clients lack the information to understand that drivers foot the bill for expenses. Integrating a tipping feature does not guarantee Uber drivers will increase their earnings.

Delivery drivers should see an increase of overall earnings. They deserve to get tips for retrieving orders and delivering them to customers. There is a lot of time invested in the delivery process.

With the Bay Area of Northern California as one of the top Uber markets, the pilot of in-app tipping will not begin there. Tipping started in Seattle, Minneapolis and  Houston this morning. Uber claims that tipping will cover the entire U.S. market before the end of July. Drivers will receive 100 percent of their tips. Good news for Uber drivers! Their loyalty to stick with Uber may reward them.

Thumbs up to Uber for listening to drivers!