Monday, November 02, 2015

Lyft 98.1 FM Radio Commercial on Hiring Drivers and Tipping Feature: "At Lyft we put Drivers First" is a White Lie

Lyft is at it again. A new 98.1 FM commercial in the Bay Area of Northern California is attempting to recruit new drivers. What makes up laugh about this commercial is how Lyft mentions that they are the only ridesharing company to offer a tipping option and that Lyft drivers matter most.

On the Lyft ride platform, drivers are inferior. Lyft has deactivated so many good drivers based on a flawed rating system that empowers their passengers to rate low stars and submit poor feedback.

A Tucson Arizona Lyft driver was a victim of a drunk rider who reported to Lyft that he was under the influence. This Lyft driver worked 10 hours, the maximum amount of hours permitted by Lyft per day. Shortly after driving a rider on a weekend night, this intoxicated individual contacted Lyft and deceived them about this responsible driver being under the influence.

This Tuscon, Arizona Lyft driver was deactivated from Lyft without any explanation. This driver understands their zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, but had no drinks and/or alcohol in his system while driving on this night. He is one of those extremely responsible Lyft drivers.

However, Lyft made certain to deactivate this driver and refused to address his questions. He offered to take a drug and alcohol test from that day up until 4 days later - to prove his innocence. At Lyft, drivers don't matter. They deactivate many drivers, refusing to accept their statements.

Therefore, this 98.1 FM commercial is deceiving prospective drivers about their intent to protect them. This ridesharing company is the worst in the ridesharing business. If you drive for this company, be prepared to deal with problem riders who have the power to rate you low and leave poor feedback that may result in you getting deactivated on the first day, weekend, month and anytime after this time. You are expendable at Lyft.

Should you trust a $250 bonus, a tipping feature, and making your own schedule? What we remember is that Lyft wasn't that flexible with their schedules. Who wants to opt into a driving schedule to work, taking different hours that are broken up into blocks? Lyft is such a disaster, their Performance Review Department are clueless on how to perform actual work.

Lyft set a cap on daily and weekly hours. In the past, drivers could only work a maximum of 10 hours per day and 70 hours per week. In the early morning hours, Lyft rarely had any ride business. These were once considered dead hours, shaded out in grey. Since that time, Lyft has gained popularity.

These schedules, earnings, commission chargebacks, tips and other policies have likely changed. Nevertheless, this Arizona driver mentioned being capped off at 10 hours on that particular day (less than a month ago). He shared that his drunk Lyft passenger reported to Lyft that he was under the influence. It's obviously that this driver wasn't drunk, nor was he under the influence of any drugs. He offered to take a drug and alcohol test. Lyft ignored this situation.

Lyft never answered his emails. They refused to address this deactivation. This concerns us because riders can say whatever they want to harm drivers. Lyft will take the side of passengers, deactivating all drivers they feel are a high risk to their platform. There is no mediation at Lyft. What the passenger says, goes.

Do you believe this radio commercial? Because Lyft has the only tipping feature available; they're deceiving you (Sidecar also has a tipping feature). Based on the tipping option, they claim that drivers matter most on their ride platform. That is obviously a deception, as Lyft has deactivated many hard-working drivers who then experienced severe financial hardship. Some drivers bought newer cars, only to lose these vehicles after deactivation. It is possible that some drivers probably ended up losing their apartments. The tsunami of problems occurred after Lyft deactivations.

Lyft deactivated a driver 10 days before Christmas, a week before making his first car payment. As a matter of fact, Lyft told this driver to purchase a newer car and said he was in good standing. This driver worried whether a previous Community Review Flag would impact him. They said not to worry, just keep driving and do what is working. 3 weeks after this driver purchased his newer vehicle and began driving this on Lyft, he got deactivated and told he could never be reconsidered as a driver again. They blocked his account, informing him all he can do is use their services as a rider.

Does Lyft care about their drivers? No, they don't. They rely on customers to give reliable feedback. In this case of a Tuscon, Arizona Lyft driver, Lyft sided with a drunk rider who deceived them to report a false "under the influence" case. Unfortunately, this good Lyft driver got deactivated and Lyft ignored his plea to test him. Lyft could care less about their drivers; riders matter most.

We warn you all that you must watch out driving for Lyft. You may make good money, but you are a sitting dunk exposed to shady riders. Lyft has some of the worst riders in ridesharing. They vomit in rides, rate "1" star for talking to them, threaten drivers, exceed maximum seating capacity, use the rating system against drivers, drink alcohol and use drugs during trips, and are not forgiving for drivers making minor mistakes. At Lyft, you have a deactivation target planted on your back. Riders can throw as many darts as they want, until that one dart hits the bullseye to deactivate you.

We hope Lyft reconsidered this driver. In our experience, we seriously doubt Lyft will reactivate this Arizona driver's account. This ridesharing company is the most unethical in the transportation business. They use their dorky mustache as a positive facade to make Lyft seem like fun and games. The moment a rider reports an incident to Lyft, a driver is done.

If Lyft actually cares about their drivers, they would hear them out and mediate cases. A female Lyft driver once shared that some Lyft passengers sexually harassed her. She told Lyft, but they ignored her. Another driver got deactivated before their Lyft care package arrived in the mail. A Lyft driver got deactivated shortly after purchasing a newer car to go lyfting. Many more Lyft drivers got a rude awakening once they dipped under a minimum star rating and the system flagged their account.

Lyft relies on a computer system to flag accounts. They depend on amateur Performance Review Department employees to evaluate driver accounts without collecting information from their drivers. Lyft riders spend more on rides than any other ridesharing app. Prime Time pricing increases the cost of rides. If riders are giving tips, they are spending more money on trips. Does any of this sound like drivers are put first at Lyft?

Just know that at Lyft, drivers are expendable. This 98.1 FM radio commercial playing on Lyft is bending the truth. It is telling prospective drivers what they want to hear. Plan to drive for Lyft? Currently drive for Lyft? Protect yourself at all times.