Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Why should I get an Uber XChange Leasing vehicle?

Why should you get an Uber XChange Leasing vehicle? Why should you not consider this awesome leasing program? It may cost you more than traditional leasing programs, but securing an XChange Leasing Program vehicle is a smart decision. Current and prospective drivers no longer have to worry about expensive repairs and unexpected events that may keep them off the road.

As an Uber driver, you're investing in your future security. Uber is backing their drivers, putting them in new and pre-owned vehicles to increase their service production. Uber drivers realize the importance of sustainability, the value of reliability. The more you drive, the more you earn. 

An Uber driver endured so many setbacks driving their personal vehicle. Expensive repairs and fuel cost prevented this driver from fully maximizing their earnings. When their day job ended, one they took after a major vehicle breakdown, this driver decided it was time to go with an Uber XChange Leasing ride. In the past month, this Uber driver cranked out many trips. 

This Uber driver reflected back on advice another friend, who referred him to Uber, gave him to earn more on the Uber platform. This individual said to get rid of his luxury vehicle and get a gas efficient vehicle. He said that impressing clients with a luxury vehicle didn't make him extra money. Nevertheless, the high cost of premium gas and low gas mileage prevented this driver from making money. 

At 2-to-1 margin (earnings versus gas cost), this driver would be destabilized most of the time. When unexpected repairs occurred, this driver would lose money and experience financial instability.

Fast-forward to almost 2 years later, this Uber driver was forced to make a quick change. He had no choice but to obtain an Uber XChange Leasing vehicle. Lucky for him that he applied for this vehicle at the right time, because Uber is backing an unlimited mileage lease. It now makes sense to lease a vehicle from Uber to earn money that could have been made a few years ago. 

This Uber driver attempted to lease vehicles from independent companies advertising leasable rides to use on ridesharing platforms. However, these companies charge expensive daily and/or weekly leases and lack the insurance coverage. Moreover, drivers probably won't drive the same vehicle throughout the year. These independent leasing companies do claim to provide all repairs, which XChange Leasing program vehicles don't offer. The drawbacks of leasing from these companies are the average daily cost of $50-$70 and agreeing to vehicle usage schedules. 

An Uber lease with your name on the vehicle registration cost on average of $14.28-$25 per day. 

Since driving an Uber XChange Leasing vehicle, this driver is earning much more, even after the leasing payment is deducted weekly. He stays on the road with the Uber Fuel Card. Without this gas, the driver couldn't earn as much and would be restricted to drive during the week and on the weekends. Because this driver drove himself into debt ridesharing, he must drive himself out with using a fuel efficient vehicle. Unexpected car breakdowns and maintenance cost impacted this driver.

It was Lyft axing this driver in late 2013 with a 4.79 rating that almost pushed him to bankruptcy. Based on pure truth, Lyft damaged many driver's lives (deactivating them without any incidents) to the point in which their finances went downhill and their personal lives suffered post-deactivations. Sidecar's slow business in San Francisco, at the beginning of 2014, put this driver into a deeper hole.

A good friend recommended Uber, refusing to get off the phone until this ridesharing driver applied for Uber. He motivated this driver to complete rides. He checked on his status, telling him to keep up the good work. This was a turning point in this driver's journey to reach his future dream.

Fortunately, Uber saved this driver early on until the high cost of gas and excessive driving kept him off the road. It is recommended to keep two approved vehicles active on Uber driver accounts. Obtaining an XChange Leasing vehicle saved this driver from sinking his life.  

The weekly direct deposits delayed his weekday driving. Drivers must put up the investment to drive, and then get paid the following week. Monday-Wednesday presented a challenge to drive. When Thursday payments arrived, this driver owed so much on his debts incurred from ridesharing, college and other debts that he didn't have access to gas. He kept traveling down this risky road. This driver got a day job to survive a major vehicle breakdown that resulted in a 4-week hiatus from ridesharing. It took a vehicle inspection deactivation and a job loss to make the necessary change - to lease vehicle from Uber XChange Leasing Program.  

Currently, this driver is attempting to drive himself out of debt. He has a long way to go. However, Uber XChange Leasing program gives him the tools that no other ridesharing company offers to make this goal possible. Thank Uber CEO, executives and Uber Technologies for listening to Partners. An Uber XChange Leasing Program vehicle paired with an Uber Fuel Card rejuvenated this Uber driver. 

Uber is keeping dreams possible one ride at a time. 

Apply to become a new Uber driver today! In Bay Area of California and in some select cities, Uber is offering the XChange Leasing Program. As a new driver, check to see if you can lease a vehicle. With the amount of driving you can do, leasing may be a better option to limit future risk of excessive miles and vehicle wear and tear. $250 deposit, approved Uber driver account, and a valid driver's license may unlock your earning potential.

Weekly leasing prices vary. We heard of drivers paying $154 per week. Choose weekly deductions from driver earnings, credit card and/or checking account.

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