Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Trip versus En Route?

Notice "En Route" on the header? This means that a trip is still en route. The status of a trip changes once the driver starts the ride, which shows "On Trip" and the final destination.

While picking up clients, various Uber clients anonymously asked an Uber driver why the status of their driver says "On Trip" rather than "En Route" on top of the Uber app?

Given Uber policy, drivers are permitted to begin trips once greeting their clients. However, there are a few immoral drivers starting trips before picking up clients at pickup addresses.

Why is starting a trip early a problem? Drivers who begin trips ahead of time know the destination prior to arrival. Ride profiling based on destination is possible. Furthermore, these drivers will increase the cost of trips. On the way to a pickup address, per mile and per minute charges accumulate into the cost of an overall trip.

Notice "On Trip" before a driver reaches your pickup address? Report this after trip is completed. "En Route" is the appropriate header that is displayed prior to entering an Uber. "On Trip" is displayed as soon as a driver begins your ride. Per minute, per mile charges apply during this "On Trip" status.

We need clients to band together.  Most drivers have acted morally, never starting rides early and always respecting their clients. There are immoral drivers gaming the system to line their pockets with extra earnings. Don't allow them to continue this bad habit.

On a few occasions, clients requested the reason "On Trip" is shown on the header before pickup. Now you know the reason "On Trip" is shown before arrival.