Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Uber client: "I've been trying to contact you for 20 minutes"

Last week, an Uber client was a no-show. This Uber client requested a ride on the UberX platform. This Uber driver reached the location in 3 minutes. He sent a text message to inform the Uber client of his arrival. However, the Uber client didn't respond back. "I've been trying to contact you for 20 minutes," the Uber client said.

What happened with this Uber ride? Why did the client tell his Uber driver that he tried to call him for 20 minutes and wouldn't accept this ride? The Uber client hung up on his driver.

20 minutes prior to this phone call, this driver was on another trip. There is no way he could have been in contact with a future rider. Once this Uber driver dropped his client off, he received another request to make a pickup.

The Uber client probably requested an initial ride. He may have waited for this driver, but it took longer than expected. In the midst of this delay, the Uber rider possibly requested another driver.

When the second driver reached this pickup address, the client abandoned this ride. The Uber driver arrived fast, notifying the client of his arrival. In 5 minutes, this Uber driver called his client. The client told his driver that I've been waiting for 20 minutes and won't be taking this ride.

Nevertheless, this driver was in the middle of driving another client 20 minutes ago. This driver followed a specific system to ensure clients are given a reasonable time to take a trip. Therefore, the Uber driver canceled this ride as a no-show soon after his client hung up on him. He received the standard $5 cancellation fee for this rider abandoning this ride.

This Uber client is misinformed to assume his driver kept him waiting 20 minutes. He definitely called his previous driver, who didn't accept his call. Then, he probably sent out a second ride request. The second driver arrived in 3 minutes. He sent a text message to notify his rider. In 5 minutes, the driver called his client. He got yelled at for not picking up a call 20 minutes earlier.

This driver realized that his client made a mistake. He was on a 25 minute trip prior to this request. He followed all the right steps to make sure his client located him. His client left; he was a no-show.

Please be fair to Uber drivers. They put forth a valiant effort to drive people.