Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Rideshare Guy shares questions and answers on Huffington Post

The Rideshare Guy is known for his ridesharing news persona. He holds a Rideshare Podcast, features training videos, runs a blog and gives many informative interviews on ridesharing services. In this question & answer session, The Rideshare Harry Campbell talks to Huffington Post contributor about his multi-targeted ridesharing driving representation with Uber, Sidecar and Lyft.  

Los Angeles ridesharing driver Harry Campbell, also known as The Rideshare Guy, runs a website that delivers on average, 150,000 unique visitors per month. He works a day job, but enjoys driving people using any of the three ridesharing services available in his hometown Los Angeles. 

Campbell doesn't have anything bad to report concerning any of his ridesharing experiences. He claimed that no rider has ever vomited in his vehicle. Essentially, Campbell is the ideal driver. We can't say that about most of the Bay Area riders with many different personalities and attitudes. 

Bay Area riders are usually extremely drunk. When these riders visit from outside regions, they are overly drunk. These riders are likely to make an acidic mess in personal ridesharing vehicles. Keeping vomit bags readily available does nothing to reduce vomit episodes. It is all based on luck. 

The Rideshare Guy claims that Uber is a good and bad ridesharing company. Their lack of driver appreciation is suggested as the main drawback with driving on the Uber platform. 

Further, Campbell states that driving for all three ridesharing companies may increase hourly revenue. This happens because one ride app is slower than its competitor. No one app controls all the ridesharing business, though UberX has a good portion of the ride requests. Lyft is probably in second place among the Big 3. Lastly, Sidecar is in third place. Since Uber and Lyft continue to compete for ridesharing dominance, Sidecar has shifted their resources to their delivery services. 

Campbell shares that he doesn't hate ridesharing. He will perform ridesharing services with passion. He enjoys socializing with new people, a thrill that energizes his earning potential. He notes that building multiple revenue streams represent the true essence of success. 

What is illustrated in this interview is that Uber is both good and bad. Their most common problem is the negative press directed toward the treatment of drivers. Uber must figure out a way to improve driver satisfaction, exploring a better communication system to address rate reductions and other lingering issues. 

The Rideshare Guy, Harry Campbell, is a ridesharing advocate. He cares about ridesharing, giving back to his fellow drivers and riders reliable information. It is his positive answers that reveal the main reasons for his success: patience, perseverance and passion.  

Los Angeles is so spread out, that driving in this county requires giving more rides and traveling further out to make the same money as before rate changes took into effect. The Rideshare Guy writes and drives to cover the ins and outs of ridesharing apps. Follow his website TheRideshareGuy