Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Uber Driver Referral Dashboard

Uber implemented a new dashboard to help Uber drivers monitor previous driver referrals. In the past, Uber drivers relied on email updates to inform them of this referral status. Fortunately, Uber made adjustments to keep their drivers in the loop by unveiling a dashboard to track real-time progress.

On the dashboard, Uber drivers see a glimpse of this driver referral activity. A status bar underneath referral names show whether the application process is pending and/or approved, full name of future driver, city, bounty on referral, and a reminder link to personally email candidates. Emailing prospective drivers will motivate them to complete the application process and/or to get on the road to make money.

This real-time driver referral tracking is helpful to Uber drivers. Furthermore, Uber drivers can review previous driver referrals which resulted in successful compensation. If you plan to drive and visit this website and/or other ridesharing platforms, make sure to always use driver referral codes to activate bonuses. Otherwise, you are leaving money on the table.

Why give ridesharing companies free referrals? If so, referring drivers and the prospective drivers get nothing if the referral process is skipped and driving positions are accessed via the main website. Give a referral, get a future referral. Pay it forward. Get those karma points.

The new Uber driver referral tracking is useful to keep drivers on track. Thumbs up Uber for adding this new feature.  

Drive for Uber and potentially earn $300 as a bonus after completing 20 trips!