Saturday, February 14, 2015

Perfect proof that driving low-rated clients ruin driver ratings

Beware that driving low-rated clients will destroy your driver ratings. As we previously shared, low-rated riders are the worst raters. They know what they are doing. They understand the impact of submitting low stars to hurt high rated drivers. Furthermore, the most boring riders have been surfacing on the UberX platform. Perfect proof that driving low-rated clients will ruin driver ratings.

A really good driver who has completed thousands of trips transported several low-rated clients in one night. These riders deserved 3-stars for dropping pins in wrong locations, taking too long to show up, being the most unbearable people, making these rides the most uncomfortable, socially awkward moments, refusing to use vomit bags out of pride and vomiting in cars, and much more.

This driver reported that Friday the 13th was the worst night to drive UberX clients. Strangest group of clients ever. Whereas the financial aspect resulted in a good outcome, their weekly score took a huge dip transporting these low-rated clients. Watch out for low-rated clients!

4.5, 4.4, 4.2, 4.1, 3.6, and 3.0 rated clients should be restricted from hurting high rated clients. If they rate a high-rated driver less than 4, they better explain this in the comment section. Uber should place a name with these ratings so their drivers know which clients are ruining their scores.

Ratings matter most. People think that drivers shouldn't worry about their ratings. It is more like they better worry or they will get deactivated and never be permitted to drive again on this platform. Lyft has deactivated many good drivers. They rely on passenger feedback to make deactivation decisions. These Lyft clowns never request any feedback from drivers to compare with deceptive passengers.

It is scary for drivers to dip below their usual ratings. These drivers heard horror stories of other drivers purchasing new cars and getting deactivated without any warning. Why should drivers give 5 stars to poor clients and receive low stars from them? It is unfair. These clients should be penalized.

Drivers, don't hold back and feel sorry for poor riders. If these clients delay rides, drop pins at the wrong locations, are antisocial and rude, tell drivers to speed, request aggressive driving on the road, leave a mess behind and want to stack passengers in cars to exceed seating capacity, rate them low. Be consistent to rate low-rated riders low. These are the typical clients on Uber's platform.

The best Uber drivers are getting penalized for providing professional service. They are professional drivers, courteous enough to show respect and adopt a moral code consistent with Uber's mission. However, low-rated clients have no care in the world to understand their impact on good drivers.

For the most part, low-rated clients are a huge part of the overall problem. They block the flow of ridesharing through inputting wrong pickup locations and rider destinations, delay drivers to have a smoke, pressure drivers to smoke inside vehicles, sneak alcohol in rides and use the rating system against drivers as a threat and much more.

Know the truth of low-rated clients. Check all their scores in the "Info" link displayed on the upper right side of app. If their overall rating is below 4.8, you better watch out. You're in for a wild ride. Ratings tell the true tale of clients who are high risk riders. Most drivers are too polite to dish out anything less than 5 stars. We can't say the same for these low-rated clients who submit low stars to hurt drivers.

Can we say there is a double standard? Drivers are deactivated with ratings less than 4.6. However, 4.6 and less rated clients are permitted to remain on the Uber platform. In our opinion, these are the clients responsible for deactivating the best drivers. If these clients get rated low, they will rate low. However, their drivers are actually rating them high to not be the bad guy. These drivers are getting penalized for protecting their clients.

Lets put a name with these ratings. Show drivers how they comment and rate. Allow drivers to set ride filters to block out all clients 4.80 an below. We're sure this will fix the rating problem. Who in their right mind would want to transport a low-rated problem rider, deal with their attitudes and then get rated with 1,2, and 3 stars? No way! Stop this abuse to protect high-rated drivers.

The best drivers don't deserve to get rated less and fear deactivation. It is a scary process to worry about every ride because a low-rated client who deserves their low score is jeopardizing the platform. Integrate ride filters to block out low-rated clients. When these clients can't get rides, then they will shape up and be fair. Don't be that driver who doesn't want to affect their client. Submit an accurate rating. If these clients are boring and frustrating to deal with, submit an appropriate rating.

Good drivers are fair to drive low-rated clients. They see their low scores, but exercise high moral standards to ensure the highest respect. It seems low-rated and problem clients overlook this and submit bad scores and leave poor feedback. Hopefully, a ride filter is never implemented into the Uber driver app, or else these low-rated clients will never get a ride.

Lyft enables their drivers to block out passengers who donate less. This passenger filter may have changed, but it was once used in 2013. It helped Lyft drivers to avoid cheap passengers.

Uber clients should remember that drivers depend on driving to survive. Their careless ratings can get drivers deactivated from performing future driving services. If these drivers are not rude and unsafe, show them some respect and be fair with the star rating.

Lets all work together to drive Uber forward. If clients keep hurting drivers, demand will go up and prices will surge. Why? Drivers who receive low ratings are unwilling to take the road, out of fear they may be required to accept a probationary period and could potentially get deactivated if ratings remain the same or fall below minimum standards. As a result of this, low supply (drivers) and higher demand (clients) can have a direct impact on prices.

Rate low if want to harm your driver. Your star ratings are responsible for deactivating many good drivers. Losing their driving privileges mean they will suffer financially and psychologically. If drivers deserve a low rating, don't hesitate to submit this low star. However, good drivers trying to do their best to make you feel comfortable deserve better respect than your low scores.

Rider filters can block low-rated clients. Drivers would be willing to set filters to increase overall productivity. Problem riders delay the ride process. They want to stack riders, drink alcohol, leave a mess behind, are extremely loud and rowdy, have told drivers to shut-up, blast stereos, steal phone chargers, vomit and display rude behavior while riding inside a driver's privately-owned vehicle.

Just a friendly reminder; karma has an interesting way of returning the favor.