Friday, January 02, 2015

What arrives in a Lyft Welcome Kit?

Lyft screens new drivers on the phone before inviting these individuals to orientations to activate accounts. A Lyft driving manager asks an interested driver who referred them to Lyft, how ridesharing works, and how they can earn reliable earnings driving people from pickup addresses to destinations via ridesharing apps.

After attending a Lyft orientation, new Lyft drivers should expect a welcome kit in the mail. In this welcome kit, Lyft drivers receive phone charger cords, a USB car adapter, a window mount to hold smartphone, and a Pink Mustache with special care instructions.

Watch videos to see Lyft team members demonstrate ride sharing in motion. Usually, Lyft requires the viewing of these videos prior to attending an orientation.

This Lyft welcome kit should arrive in the mail within a week or two, pending a background check. Once drivers are activated, new Lyft drivers must request a mentor to meet them at a specific location to discuss how Lyft works.

Happy Lyfting!