Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Uber Pin Drop Problems

On the Uber client app, the pin drop ventures away from the pickup address. This delays the pickup process, affecting both drivers and clients. UberX drivers send out text messages to inform their clients of their arrival. They include in this text message that if their pickup address is wrong, please let them know of this current location. The pin drop on requests without inputting a particular address is a lingering problem that has not been resolved this year.

New Uber app updates have improved and worsened this ride app. The ETA planted on the header is inaccurate. Clients usually depend on this ETA, rather than see the driver going in the opposite direction on the freeway, 1-way streets and rerouting due to road closures. All the client relies on is an ETA that tacks on 4-5 minutes on the expected to of arrival. Cancellations are common because of this ETA update. 

The pin drop has plotted clients nearly 4-5 miles away from the initial pickup address. This wastes valuable for drivers, as time and distance have a huge impact on their potential earnings. Waiting for 10 minutes, and then traveling to a new pickup address will influence fares. If this client must travel another 10-13 minutes, they invested 30 minutes into this client to earn $12. Not good for a weekend night, especially when gas expenses are increases from these recurring pin drop issues. 

If you're an Uber client, try and input an actual address. On weekends, there seems to be more frequent pin drop issues than on weekdays. Requesting a ride on a corner won't show two cross-streets on the driver app. Instead, input two cross streets which will inform the driver of this corner street pickup. Input pickup addresses in the same way as ride destinations. 

Nevertheless, the pin drops on the right side of the street. One minute the driver is on the right side of the street, but must now travel across the street to retrieve a client. However, this client calls or sends a text message to inform their driver they are on the other side, the initial side this driver waited at. 

Another pin drop issue is that the client icon is plotted on the right side of a parallel street. For example, a client is waiting on one street and this pin is showing them on another street. Drivers must look for the address listed on the app to locate their clients. 

It is all about working as a team to make ridesharing services flow. Drivers and clients can work together to improve trip efficiency. Because of unreliable ETAs displayed on the app header and pin drop issues, we must take additional steps to connect. Lets hope this pin drop issue is fixed soon. 

Happy Ridesharing!