Friday, November 28, 2014

Rudest Ridesharing Client Ever!

An UberX driver transported three friends from a Castro Street house party to an apartment complex 1.5 miles down the road. This driver attempted to start a conservation with the riders.

The rude client who secured this UberX ride told the driver to shut up. He said no talking and to be quiet. No talking would be good about now. I'm not trying to be rude but this is what we want, quietness. The UberX driver said no worries and continued to drive without incident.

The friend who the Uber client and another friend were dropping off apparently took a really bad drug. He kept complaining about why he took this drug. He was having a bad reaction to this drug.

These riders kept calling this sick friend sweetheart and sweety. Based on the pickup address, it is obvious this driver was dealing with some drama queens from the Castro. They over showered this drugged-out friend, caressing his hair, walking him up to this apartment, and putting him sound to sleep.

On the way back to this party, the Uber client and his friend had a dispute about not hanging out together. One friend wanted to return back to this drug party. He said you ever since you broke up in your relationship, you never want to hang out anymore. They mentioned drug use at this home. For the most part, these riders confirmed this house party had an assortment of drugs.

Once this trip ended, the driver gave the client a 5 star to be fair. This driver knows there are many rude ridesharing clients and rather have another driver rate them low. Sooner or later, this client will get rated low for being rude.

Fortunately, this UberX driver showed professionalism and didn't respond back to this rude Uber client. It is not his fault his loser friend can't handle taking drugs. This is reason why people shouldn't use drugs because drug overdose is common among young people.

Ridesharing drivers transport quite a few drug users around the city, including a son of a very prominent figure, who is a cocaine addict.

Our best advice for drivers who transport rude clients and drug users is to remain patient and stay professional. It is not worth getting into conflict with these tough riders. Drivers risk deactivation.

What would a taxi driver do under these circumstances? Would be interesting to see.

Happy Ridesharing!