Friday, November 14, 2014

How to get a free quote on Uber client app?

Uber client app enables a rider to get a free fare quote. This quote is generated based on time and distance of the rider destination. Keep in mind this quote is an estimate and can vary due to traffic, construction, weather conditions, toll bridge backup and other unexpected events.

The Uber client app is a user-friendly ride app designed to request rides. Any person with a smartphone can open this app and input a pickup address and a rider destination. As you may know, this Uber app also has a built-in fare quote feature that provides a trip estimate.

The following steps show how to get a free quote on a trip: 
  1. Open up the Uber app. 
  2. Choose the type of Uber car service you prefer. Slide the car button to this service. UberX is most popular due to its affordability and wide range of vehicles on this ridesharing platform. 
  3. Enter pickup location in the viewfinder located on the header. 
  4. Click on "Set Pickup Location" to set this address. 
  5. Make sure the pin drop is dropped on the exact pickup address. 
  6. Click on "fare estimate" on the bottom right, right below the credit card link. 
  7. Input the destination address. For example, an exact bar, restaurant, work address, airport and any other prefered destination. 
  8. This fare quote will generate an amount that varies: $50-$67 or $75-$97 or $15-$22. These fare amounts are estimates, which can vary. If there are promotions, these amounts will be reduced after the trip is completed. Ride credits will also subtract from this amount, as well. 
Congratulations on generating a fare quote on the Uber client app! Use this feature to receive an estimate on the cost of a trip. It may vary due to a number of conditions and when surge pricing multiplies a trip by the X amount. If 2X, expect double the cost. Uber will warn you of this charge. You must input the surge price and confirm this multiply before requesting a service. For the most part, the Uber fare quote tool is reliable and can generate a price range. 

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