Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Uber in Salem, MA: Halloween Celebration

halloween in salem
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Halloween is quickly approaching. In 3 days, Salem, Ma will celebrating Halloween. It is one of the top destinations we want to visit for a future Halloween experience. Salem holds the same theme as Time Square, both are nostalgic for their respective holidays. Uber is available in Boston and Salem.

Performing an Uber check of vehicles near Salem, we see that a black car is available and can reach a client in 19 minutes at the Salem Post Office located Norman St. and Holyoke Square. Uber SUV is available 21 minutes from this pickup location. UberX is 13 minutes away. No Uber Taxi is available right now.

At 6:20 am in the morning in a distant city in Massachusetts, expect this demand to spike on Friday evening. There will be quite a few Uber vehicles on the roads. According to a former Massachusetts resident, parking is hard to find on Halloween day. People go to Salem to celebrate festivities.

Ridesharing services are available in Boston, which an UberX is estimated to cost $30-38. Requesting an UberX in Salem near the Post Office and traveling to Boston will cost $30-38. The time and distance from Boston to Salem using the following routes:
  • via 1-93 N and 1-95 N (36 min and 25 miles)
  • MA-107 (38 min and 15 miles)
  • US 1 N and MA-107 (40 min and 18 miles) 
Interested in taking an UberX from Boston to Salem? Back to Boston from Salem? Get $20 off first ride as a new client. 

Download Uber app at Uber.com/app. Input promo code ts958u and get $20 ride credit. If you prefer a good ride without the red carpet treatment, use UberX to get the cheapest ride on the Uber platform. Want a fancy black car service? SUV service? These rides cost more than UberX, but are top-notch services available to all Uber clients. Pick and choose your Uber ride.

Happy Halloween!