Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Ridesharing Driver 1-year driving in review: Real Data

Ridesharing Earnings - "1-year" 
Ridesharing Expenses - "1-year"

Ridesharing companies trick drivers into believing that transporting passengers around town can make them good money. As with most businesses, people lose money 3 out of the first 5 years.

In this case, it is worse for ridesharing drivers because their loss involves both time and money. Imagine investing thousands of hours driving many types of personalities all through large cities, towns and much further out. The 1-year outlook is that you lost thousands of hours of your time and thousands of dollars. You ruined your personal vehicle, most likely killing its value due to depreciation.

According to this ridesharing driver. "Any driver would be better off working at a regular job. Never use ridesharing services to make a living or you will lose everything".

This ridesharing driver who has performed ridesharing services under Lyft, SideCar and UberX shared their 1-year data to reveal that ridesharing has bankrupted them. It wiped them out so bad that they can't find another job. This driver is usually stuck at home waiting to drive. No gas. No bridge toll. No food.

The ridesharing driver can't replace the previous year lost. No job will credit them for driving people. Ridesharing is not that appealing of a job to put on a resume. Unless a driver needs this job as a secondary form of income to make home repairs, go on trips, and to pay off small bills, this ridesharing driver is urging you to avoid full-time driving in your personal vehicles.

Their mother who continues to bail them out of recurring disasters this ridesharing job has caused them, mentioned that ridesharing would only be worth it if a driver drove a company car or leased a car (i.e. taxi drivers). It is not worth driving a personal car to destroy it. Why would any person want to ruin their personal vehicle to lose money and deal with rude people? Ask yourself these questions before taking the road.

The data written on a dry erase board is 100% real. It doesn't leave anything out of the ridesharing equation. No tricks, no deceptions, no marketing gimmicks to hook you. Folks, these are the real facts.

The cost to rideshare is too extreme. This ridesharing driver must go over-the-limit on their credit cards to get gas, borrow money from family and friends to sustain driving, get check loans, CashCall with high interest, go to Pawn Shops, and borrow money via collateral loans to perform ridesharing services. Their life is in shambles. As thousands of drivers do, they sacrifice their talents, experience and education to make ridesharing companies richer. In the end, these drivers face a dark future.

After 1-year on the road, this ridesharing driver wishes they never listened to their best friend to take the road. It was the worst mistake of their lifetime. Rideharing destroyed two cars. It destroyed their credit. It wasted their time. It put them through some tough situations with bad riders. It risked their life driving home tired in the late night after driving people hundreds of miles. They parked at many parking lots and slept.

If you want to become a ridesharing driver, you must have another primary job. Don't purchase a car to perform ridesharing services. If you get deactivated, you will lose everything.

Ridesharing works best for riders, who have total control over the ridesharing platform. There are many low-rated riders on these platforms. One driver reported a few 4.2 and even a 3 star rider. Ridesharing companies retain low-rated riders for recurring business. However, drivers risk it all driving riders. They are expendable and easily replaceable. Nothing can stop a ridesharing company from unfairly deactivating and terminating their drivers. Thousands of new drivers will replace experienced drivers with unfortunate scores.

Ridesharing drivers who have low stars below the minimum requirements will never last. A driver could get deactivated with a 4.79 on Lyft (automatic deactivation after 2 Community Review flags and four flags) and a 4.69 on Uber (if rating don't improve after 4-week probation). Performing ridesharing services at your own risk.