Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lyft star rating system is absolutely the worst in ridesharing

Lyft drivers will have a special gift waiting for them at the end of the road. Once their star ratings go from recent ratings to 100 previous rated trips and this score falls below 4.80, they are put on the chopping block. This flawed rating system has destroyed the lives of many former Lyft drivers who invested into this poor ridesharing company. Watch out and stay ahead of Lyft's games to survive.

In the first 24 rides, a driver who scores below 4.80 will receive a Community Review Flag. After 100 rides from this initial coaching email, a driver who has improved their score and still hasn't reached 4.80, even if their score is extremely close to the average community ratings, are warned one last time to improve ratings or risk deactivation.

Unfortunately, a third warning is basically a deactivation. Nothing is more stressful than to fear driving passengers because drivers don't know when their last day is on this ridesharing system. Will they last another year, month, week, weekend, day or an hour?

The Lyft star rating system is overrated and over-the-top. It fails to measure the real performance of a diver, actually terminating the very best drivers who thrive at competing ridesharing companies. Too bad for Lyft that they lack leadership and run a broken ship. They destroyed many lives.

Their drivers have purchased newer cards to go lyfting. As a result of this decision, whom some drivers discussed their ratings before purchasing a car, Lyft managed to terminate these drivers under such extreme conditions. They gave one Lyft driver the boot a mere 10 days before Christmas. This driver just got a better car to perform ridesharing services.

A few Lyft employees told this driver not to worry and if they needed anything, make sure to reach out. Unfortunately, this driver dipped to 4.79 and their driving account got deactivated. Lyft gave driver advice to go ahead and make a vehicle purchase. This lyfter talked to a Lyft driving manager for 1-hour on the phone to make sure their ratings were good enough. At 4.83, this driver had nothing to worry about, well except for the fact they would get deactivated 3 weeks after making this big purchase.

Imagine this driver trying to pick up more hours on a Sunday and their Lyft driver app is somehow unresponsive. Folks, this is what Lyft does to their hard working drivers. They deactivate them without any warning, only to cut their legs and prevent them from driving with this poorly run company.

How long does it takes to receive an email after the driver app is deemed unresponsive? Many hours later, Lyft will finally send a driver an email to thank them for their service. This email opens up positive, and then spearheads into a negative decision. You are now terminated from Lyft. As a result of this deactivation, you are prevented from driving with this ridesharing company ever again. What did you do to deserve this? Nothing. It is Lyft's 1-star Performance Review Team making this decision to deactivate you.

What do you do now to survive this horrible decision, just days before Christmas? Instead of moping around, you apply to become a SideCar driver on that same night and hit the road again 2 days later. You give 10 rides on this first night and enjoy the experience. However, you quickly realize that SideCar, at the time, is not Lyft and you won't make enough money to survive.

Within 3 weeks of learning this, another Uber client motivates you to apply and become an Uber Partner. You do this and Uber accepts your application. A week later, you visit Uber headquarters and get activated on their ridesharing platform, UberX. Within another week, you hit the road and give rides. After giving thousands of rides and maintaining an overall score above 4.80+, you realize that Lyft is the worst company on Earth to put you through this cold treatment.

Lyft has destroyed many lives. These loyal drivers invested many hours into making Lyft passengers happy. They spread a positive word on Lyft. In the end, drivers crash and burn at Lyft. They depend so much o this star rating system and reckless feedback, this is no room for consideration. The bad review will wash out all the positive reviews. A Lyft driver may never experience any conflict with their passengers, but their below 4.80 current ratings and/or 100 rated trips will get them deactivated.

Every trip taken after the second Community Review Flag is unbearable for drivers. They feel this target on their back, knowing any poor ratings will be the end of their run at Lyft. It is inevitable that Lyft will deactivate them; however, they don't know when this will happen. Lucky for this driver, that they didn't make a move into San Francisco to perform ridesharing services. They would have lost their apartment fast.

Lyft brings out the bad in their passenger population. These passengers are empowered to rate drivers with 1 star for just taking to them when they have no interest in holding a conversation. Lyft's flaw is making social interaction mandatory, but then coaching their drivers to feel out each situation. Talking too much and/or not talking enough will initiate a friendliness flag.

Thank Nancy at Lyft for running a tight ship in the Performance Review Department. She will mention renting out a vehicle at RelayRides or using TaskRabbit to replace Lyft. According to this deactivated Lyft driver, this Nancy employee is senseless and heartless. She has no clue how to run this Performance Review outfit. She is unsympathetic, thoughtless and careless with making ethical decisions regarding driver performance and deactivations.

Telling a former driver to replace their Lyft driving income with these two companies that offer no immediate resolution is just like saying to move under the Bay Bridge and attempt to survive homeless. Nancy is rated a 1-star for giving terrible advice.

Why not inform this driver to try SideCar or UberX? Because Lyft will never recommend their competition to previous/former Lyft drivers. The goal is to compete against Uber and to do so with high star ratings. Lyft sells their ridesharing service to the ride community based on showing their stars. It is a fabrication of the truth because several creepy Lyft drivers have harassed their passengers long after the ride has ended. It is unprofessional to act in this manner, but it seems Lyft doesn't care if their drivers maintain high star ratings to make them look good.

Does Lyft expect all their drivers to maintain a 4.80+? Is it possible to get 4.90+ with all those drunk riders in San Francisco and other markets across the country? Many passengers don't understand that their ratings will terminate Lyft drivers. They don't think much of their poor attitudes. Whereas they are running late, they shift the blame to drivers and rate them low to harm their driving privileges.

At Lyft, it is the way the cookie crumbles. If you crumble, you are done. Play the game right, you survive. Rating good passengers high and bad passengers low keep Lyft operable. This strategy keeps the ridesharing community in positive order. Getting rid of the worst passengers may limit conflict.

One recent Lyft driver in Los Angeles shared that he never drives after 8pm. According to this Lyft driver, drunk riders are the worst passengers, especially in the night. They vomit inside Lyft rides, without attempting to warn the driver to pull to the side of the road. For the most part, a vomit bag will not save them from making a mess since they have too much pride to admit they are drunk.

Needless to say, Lyft is so flawed they have no clue what good ethical standards convey. One major Lyft investor, Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and also a major investor in Facebook, has the nerve to suggest Uber is the most "ethically challenged" company in Silicon Valley.

Take a look Peter and see how Lyft unethically deactivates their drivers without reviewing their performance via interview and/or following-up. SideCar follows-up with drivers after riders leave a low rating to compare the accuracy of this feedback. Too many times, riders have acted irresponsibly, out of pure anger. Since these passengers have 24-hours to rate their drivers, their attitudes and moods can change in a blink of an eye. Is this an accurate way to rate drivers? Drivers have a few seconds to rate their passengers or they can't move on to the next ride.

Uber treats their drivers with the uppermost respect. They talk to them like real people, real employees. Instead of ranting about Uber, maybe you missed the investor boat, look into how Lyft destroys the lives of their good drivers. They get away with deactivating drivers based on a flawed rating system, rather than follow-up with drivers and passengers on so-called bad rides.

Lyft's rating system is absolutely the worst in ridesharing. Many good Lyft drivers were axed once their star ratings dropped below 4.80. Don't believe Lyft's Facebook page and/or Twitter feed about their company taking care of drivers and giving them a chance to improve.

It doesn't work this way at Lyft. They depend on both star ratings and questionable feedback to make unethical business decisions. If a ridesharing driver is truly that bad, they would not be giving thousands of rides and making clients happy at a competing ride app company.

Lyft puts fear into the lower rated drivers. They make them worry every ride. The moment a passenger's face appears on the screen with a name, address, and a countdown clock to accept this trip, a Lyft driver is worried whether this is their last ride. They worry like workers fearing pink slips. Worrying about deactivation makes lyfting stressful. It creates a negative atmosphere.

How can Lyft continue to operate with this business mentality? Why would people want to drive for Lyft? High rated drivers have fun at Lyft. Lower rated drivers have targets on their back. It is not their fault that many passengers have no idea how to accurately rate their drivers. These passengers are misinformed of the impact of their ratings. Do they know that their 1-3 star rating and feedback could deactivate drivers? Would they want to be treated this way at their job? Fear termination?

Just know that Lyft passengers are responsible for deactivating good drivers. They are the reason these former drivers are in bankruptcy mode. These former Lyft drivers are financially suffering. Their lives are heading into the ground, into the junkyard with no immediate way to improve them. Of course, Lyft deactivations affect those who believe this ridesharing service will make the perfect primary job.

Don't think Lyft is a primary job. Use Lyft as a secondary form of income. Plan ahead. Don't purchase a car to do Lyft unless you can afford to keep this car after an unplanned deactivation. If you purchase a car to perform ridesharing services, make certain you have use for this vehicle if an untimely deactivation takes you off the road. Keep in mind there are two other ridesharing companies and that you don't have to resort to RelayRides and TaskRabbit to survive.

The truth is that you can't survive leasing out your vehicle at RelayRides. Ridesharing drivers can earn more in a day than they can make in a week leasing out their vehicles. Would you want a stranger to drive your car? Can you depend on TaskRabbit to supplement your income? This suggestion to consider these two websites is a poor recommendation from Nancy at Lyft.

Lyft runs an unethical ship. They would rather replace a skilled ridesharing driver with a rookie driver who doesn't understand ridesharing apps. These drivers will make wrong turns, go down one-way streets, be late, speed, run stop signs, run stop lights, leave after a minute of waiting, fail to operate the app properly, and not know how to fix technical problems. They won't know how to start and end rides when technical difficulty freezes a ride sharing app.

Lyft makes ridesharing appear as fun and games. It is a serious job. Drivers can have fun, but they need to be alert and stay safe. Beware new Lyft drivers. Don't put all your chips into the Lyft pile without making a Plan B or Plan C. In our honest opinion and based on honest feedback, Lyft is absolutely the worst ridesharing company. They hide behind their Pink Mustache, an evil facade hiding their true intentions. Use Lyft as a passenger, but be very concerned as a driver. If you allow Lyft ruin your life, then you didn't plan ahead to avoid this outcome.