Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 Ridesharing Driving tips to avoid sinking

These recent changes where ridesharing companies are now providing car services and gas rewards at discount prices come a little too late. Many ridesharing drivers invested all of their earnings into repairs, maintenance and gas. Now, these part-time and full-time driving jobs have become a nuisance. Sometimes people drive so deep into problems that there is no way to hit reverse.

Ridesharing drivers are sinking at the expense of low fares and app company revenue. The truth is these drivers are stuck driving, because they lost valuable time believing that driving could save their situation instead of searching for reliable jobs. One driver said, "This driving gig is not working anymore, it hasn't since the beginning." Another female driver shared that she is visiting check loan stores and pawn shops more frequently to withstand the burden of falling into the ridesharing trap.

Drivers receive unexpected emails that their accounts are deactivated. Lyft just deactivates driver accounts without even warning drivers. Ridesharing companies are not held accountable for destroying lives. They are not helping drivers solve their life problems. These drivers are destroying their nice vehicles and are left with peanut shells to rebuild their lives. This is the real deal folks.

The select few who have actually made a living ridesharing are lucky. Their vehicles are keeping them on the road, though an unexpected event can lead them down a dark path. Vehicles are built to break. Drivers who overdo ridesharing will spend a fortune down the road. It is inevitable. Push the car to the limit and it will push back with expensive repairs and maintenance services. Then, there comes the auto insurance, registration, and the root of all ridesharing evil - gas expenses.

No gas, no driving, no money. We like to think of ridesharing this way. What if a ridesharing driver is close to "E" and wants to drive longer? They can't. These drivers risk accepting a ride request that may require them to travel a long distance. Gas is a huge resource and cannot go ignored.

Don't get fooled into believing the ads rotating with $20-$45 an hour driving your personal vehicle are lucrative and rewarding. These ridesharing companies don't pay for repairs, maintenance, depreciation of vehicle, gas, or any other expenses necessary to rideshare. Advertisements are a hook to capture the weak, the poor. As a result of this driving, people become dependent on making money and sink deep into their mess.

Out of the blue, a ridesharing company such as Lyft will deactivate these drivers without giving any notice. The only clues confirming this deactivation are that driver apps no longer work and access to Lyft's driving lounge is blocked. We haven't heard of any SideCar drivers deactivated. For the most part, driver deactivations mostly occur at Lyft and Uber. Uber gives their drivers a chance to improve ratings. But, Lyft is infamous for deactivating their drivers and cutting ties with them. Don't allow the Pink mustache facade to fool you. There is an evil entity behind this pink grill designer. They possessed you to drive, and will exorcise to vanish from their cult.

Given these facts, ridesharing is a game. Drivers are expected to measure personalities and attitudes. If a client/rider/passenger is rude, driver can't push back on the defensive end. They have to smile and bite their tongues. It only takes one bad trip to end your ridesharing days with a particular rideshare company. What do you do next? How do you save your life from falling apart?

With all these challenges, you can make good money ridesharing if you do it right. Devise a plan and a schedule, and don't waver from it. Find yourself overspending on gas? Change your driving habits; shift to weekend and evening shifts. Car repairs keeping you grounded? Make sure to add two vehicles to a driver's account. In case expensive repairs and maintenance are required, you won't lose money sitting at home.

The following 5 ridesharing tips will make this driving job lucrative:
  1. Drive as much as possible to maximize every hour, every trip. Go out there and make ridesharing happen. You won't make money sitting at home watching sports. Instead, drive people to sports venues and listen to games on the radio. Talk to clients about sports. You really have to be serious about wanting to drive. You can't win a game complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.
  2. Save this money, don't spend like a celebrity. Just because you are making decent money driving, think about the cost to operate as a ridesharing driver. You have your permission to treat yourself for working hard driving people around town. However, stay within your means to avoid a financial armageddon. Keep track of earnings. Utilize money management to maintain a balance between spending and earning. Spend wisely.  
  3. Keep cars clean and smelling good. Clients appreciate this extra effort. Be unique and offer something different. 
  4. Get FasTrak to save time. The longer you wait on a bridge and/or on toll roads, the more your client pays. Time is money. Save your clients money. They may reward you with a good rating.
  5. Never fight with clients in any way. Avoid pushing back. Let the client push hard. If clients threaten you, you can push a virtual button to submit a low rating and report these disrespectful riders to the support team. Ridesharing drivers who fail to contain their anger will lose their driving privileges. Clients/riders/passengers are empowered to get you deactivated. 
Follow these ridesharing tips to become a good driver, make money and avoid hardship. Never think this ridesharing job will last forever. On any given day, you can get deactivated. It is that simple for ridesharing companies to close accounts and send an email to inform you later. We know this is a cold practice, but unregulated app companies don't play by the rules.

Why would Lyft care? With every deactivated driver, there are 10 more waiting to drive for Lyft. They could care less about you. If a rude rider complains and you've already driven several whiny drunks who rated you less, you will probably get deactivated. Lyft has no follow-up system. They won't compare feedback between drivers and riders like SideCar does. Lyft passengers give "1" stars and go on with their lives as usual. However, Lyft drivers get deactivated and struggle to rebound. That is the way the cookie crumbles.

People are in debt and are hungry to make money. Deceptive ads rotating in search engines will keep the flock coming. If you get hooked driving and fall into debt knowing the potential outcome, then you asked for this mess. Prepare ahead of time; use ridesharing as a backup generator, not a primary source of income. When the ridesharing lights go out, you will be put in the dark.

Be smart. Be competitive. Be safe. Be serious. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be a go-getter. Help people get around and make money doing it. Integrate ridesharing into your daily routine. Make sure to fuel up to save time and avoid uncomfortable situations (clients who are in a rush and don't have time to visit a gas station). You don't have to become a ridesharing statistic, where you face bankruptcy because of performing this job. Know the truth and use this to your advantage. Good luck! May ridesharing be with you.

Happy Ridesharing!