Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Uber eliminates driver access to dashboard ratings

image rights: Uber

Drivers once had access to their overall, daily, weekly, and monthly ratings. A driver who logged into their Partner account noticed that their ratings are unavailable. As a result of this, drivers are unable to check ratings and earnings, which provided transparency to keep them in the loop. It seems that Uber eliminated the dashboard functionality where ratings and earnings can be verified in real-time.

The Partner Dashboard no longer features driver ratings and earnings. In this recent update, the website shows a driver's profile, detailed trips, past pay invoices, vehicle description, and vehicle financing. Now, the only way drivers can locate their overall and weekly ratings are to view Partner weekly statements and via the Uber app.

The motivation to limit access to ratings may have originated from clients complaining that drivers are scolding them for 4 stars. How often does a driver see the same client twice? It's rare. Maybe never.

One recent client's little son asked where the driver would sleep and this client told his son he would never see his driver again. It was a one-time only arrangement. Why would clients leave comments on websites that share their drivers gave them a tough time for a 3-4 star rating?

Clients don't want their drivers to identify their deception in being two-faced. One moment, a client tells their driver they will submit 5 stars and then they do a 180 and give a 2 star. A vomiting client says I will give 5 stars for putting up with our mess and they go back on their word to not submit a rating at all.

Blocking access to detailed ratings may as well close the doors to transparency. Drivers can only check their ratings via the Uber app and when they receive weekly summaries that show details of earnings and ratings. Clients probably complained to Uber that they don't want drivers to know they submitted a poor rating. This client rating issue has been mentioned on tech websites. Clients are reckless to submit "1" star ratings against drivers for them being socially awkward riders.

There is no fairness in this star rating system. Drivers take the hit and can lose their driving privileges via deactivation or be put on probation for 4-weeks. At Lyft, drivers are deactivated and thrown under a bus, figuratively speaking. SideCar may have the best rating system because they avoid the 5 star rating system that is flawed and doesn't accurately represent drivers and clients.

In our honest opinion, the star rating system is a nuisance. Drivers will never accurately rate their clients. There are many poor clients out there that make terrible riders. Drivers won't take the dive to give these clients an honest rating on trips. Quite a few clients are rude, impolite, demanding, rushing, in a hurry, running late, make drivers wait, and do a bunch of other actions to frustrate drivers. However, drivers continue to rate these clients 5 stars. They don't deserve 5 stars.

A better system to measure ridesharing service is to adopt a survey system. This survey method is accurate; it measures the service rendered and won't skew the results. Many great drivers from the major ride app companies have lost their driving privileges and this occurred because clients are reckless raters.

If drivers are disallowed access to real-time ratings, then clients should be expected to submit ratings within 5 minutes after a trip has ended. One client once rated the wrong driver a "1" star. His second driver fixed a problem caused by his original driver, but this client showed no respect and rated his good driver a "1" star. This client deserved a "1" star for submitting a bad rating on a good driver that had nothing to do with this trip issue; it was another client and another driver.

Drivers will welcome this change to block access to real-time client ratings. Nonetheless, clients should have only 5 minutes to rate their drivers or a default 5 star rating would be submitted on their behalf. It is only fair to avoid rating abuse, especially since clients can change their minds and give bad ratings for good service.

Clients must know that submitting bad ratings can cause their drivers to get terminated. Being fully aware of these consequences can inform clients that their ratings should be accurate or they can destroy a life. Because a driver is talking to them or there is traffic/construction/film shoots/road closures and they can't deliver a client to their job interviews, jobs and/or flights on-time, clients could be fair to accommodate these delayed events.

Think about a customer submitting a complaint against you and this causing you to lose your job. Would you want to be the person who caused a driver to experience a financial storm all because you were having a bad day and/or wanted to take out your frustration on another person? Be fair. Show respect. Reward good drivers with 5 stars. Know that any stars less than 5 can hurt drivers. A "1" star can impact a driver's ratings and may lead them to deactivation on Lyft. This is if the driver is hovering around a 4.81 and already has two Community Review flags on their driving file.

This recent Uber website revamp removes access to ratings and earnings. It adopts a Lyft-type system. We've already seen the new slide to start a ride. Now, drivers are subjected to a Lyft rating system. Hopefully, the last 500 rides is calculated into weighing drivers rather than using Lyft's last 100 trips that cause good drivers to get deactivated.

***The Uber rating on the app is most accurate. The star rating located on the Partners website is behind a week. For example, you may have a 4.81 on your driver app and a 4.80 on the website. The app rating is right, whereas the Partners website is a week behind. The 4.80 may likely be from the previous week, but you increased this score and now have a current 4.81. Check Uber Weekly Summary to verify ratings. Rely on the Uber driver app for accurate ratings.

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