Sunday, July 27, 2014

Uber Cancellation Policy

According to Uber support, new Uber clients are given one free pass on their first cancellation. Basically, Uber clients won't get charged a cancellation fee on their first canceled ride, or no-show. If clients cancel a ride after 5 minutes after this free pass, they are charged $10 for UberBlack and $5 for UberX.

What happens when a client doesn't cancel a ride after a driver makes a long trip to their pickup point? The driver must request this cancellation to receive $5. If the client refuses to cancel, the driver must cancel as a no-show. Furthermore, drivers can cancel trips based on wrong addresses, clients giving them permission to cancel, "no shows" and "other" issues.

The problem with cancelling clients as "no shows" is that Uber hasn't been crediting drivers with this $5 cancellation fee. An UberX driver had to request support to give them this cancellation fee on two trips where they drove 20+ miles out to pick-up clients who were no-shows. Both times the driver lost out on gas and had to specifically request these cancellation fees. This driver lost gas and an hour of time during peak hours.

Giving clients a free pass on their first cancellation should have restrictions depending on time and distance. This is unfair to request a driver to make a pick-up from further away, especially when clients ignore calls and text messages. This is highly disrespectful and a waste of resources to take cars from people who are in a need of a ride.

The first cancellation should only apply to local ride requests. If drivers travel outside of a city and clients fail to communicate with them, there should be a partial trip fee involved to compensate time and money lost.

The best way to avoid traveling further out and clients being "no shows" is to call them after a request arrives. If the client answers their phone, ask them if they will wait for you to make this trip. However, clients who don't answer their phone or respond to text messages could be canceled.

As mentioned, clients who ignore drivers and assume they canceled a ride lack respect and are abusing the ride platform. This client mentioned to this driver they canceled a long while ago when I saw they saw the driver was going the wrong direction. The text message is fabricating the truth. This client requested this ride and probably left the location because they didn't want to wait for them to drive there. It is misusing the ride service to their advantage. People wonder why taxis act a certain way?

The new Uber app wouldn't make a mistake on directions unless the client dropped the pin at another location. Drivers have noticed accurate pickup locations. The in-app navigation is extremely accurate; it guides the driver to the exact location of the pin drop and/or address submitted in the app.

The client who ignored the driver's calls and text messages will probably keep doing this to future drivers. It won't change their attitude toward the ridesharing platform of UberX. There must be revisions to this policy to prevent drivers from losing time and money traveling to these locations and clients being "no-shows."

Respect your drivers. Don't just watch drivers on the app and leave them hanging. They spend money on their own gas. Their time is extremely valuable. Do you know that drivers lose out on ride requests and your no-shows are costing them a few rides? Most importantly, don't give them 1 and 2 star ratings just because you reach a location at a later time. It is up to you to request a ride early to avoid traffic, construction and road blocks. These drivers are doing the best they can to provide great service.

Be fair. Happy ridesharing!

***Update: No more free cancellation passes. If rides are cancelled after 5 minutes, a $5 fee for UberX and a $10 fee for UberBlack are applied to client accounts. Drivers have permission to cancel rides with the "do not charge rider" selection. It is up to the discretion of the driver who may receive a call from a rider who elected to not take this ride. For the most part, cancellation fees will apply to all cancellations after 5 minutes.