Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SideCar driver spotlight: Ridesharing driver jobs

SideCar is a ridesharing company based out of San Francisco(including the Bay Area). Their ridesharing services are also available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte N.C., and Washington D.C. If you live in any of these areas, consider driving people who need rides and make money performing this ridesharing service.

SideCar has one of the most innovative ridesharing apps. It's interface includes the ride acceptance button, telephone icon, navigation button linked to phone GPS app, previous rides given, pickup and destination locations, and amount the ride is costing the rider.

On your first day or night driving, you won't have any problems using the ridesharing app. It is simple to launch and easy to accept rides. Just get comfortable picking up and dropping off riders. Don't get nervous because ridesharing is like using a social media website. Some people refer to ridesharing as social networking on wheels, while others consider driving riders a relaxing and fun experience.

Take advantage of the bonuses this ridesharing company offers during the weekdays and weekends, especially in San Francisco where rides are in extremely high demand among the top three app companies (UberX, Lyft and SideCar). Use the SideCar link below to become a driver in any of the areas listed above.

If you sign up now, there is a promotion where a $50 bonus is given after your 10th ride, and another $200 is provided after your 150th ride given. The 150th ride must be given in the first month of activation. This means you will have to get on the road and give rides. Good thing is that you may make more than $2000 in the first month giving these 150 rides paired with the $250 bonus (average ride is at least $9 or more - set your ride between 1x-5x to earn more).

Happy Ridesharing!

. is the BEST rideshare platform for drivers! Sign up with my code qjbxk and get a $250 bonus.

***$200 only available to driver who signed up for July 1, 2014. Current promotion is $100 after 10th trip. Use link above and Input code qjbxk to activate.