Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What are the 4 flags on Lyft platform?

Lyft sends daily driving reports to their drivers who work the previous day. In the morning, a Lyft driver can expect to receive an email showing a trip review featuring miles driven, fare amount, tips, and other details. The four most important rating indicators are Navigation, Cleanliness, Safety and Friendliness. Have you gotten flagged in these categories?

Lyft passengers make it a point to complain about everything under the sun. Out of all the ridesharing platforms available in the transportation market, Lyft passengers are the toughest to please. Whenever a ride request arrives, some Lyft drivers get nervous about these ride pickups. It is known that failing to reach passengers in the time estimated on the app could doom a Lyft driver.

The four categories that drive ratings are cleanliness, safety, navigation and friendliness. Passengers are careless when submitting ratings and comments. Lyft may have implemented this comment section to measure customer service. However, many Lyft passengers use this comment section to harm their driver's ratings and get them flagged in the most vital categories.

What Lyft passengers fail to realize is that their whining, complaining and gripes are toxic to drivers. Drivers depend on these earnings to survive in a challenging job market. Passengers are responsible for deactivating college students, writers, filmmakers, city workers, under employed people, and others.

Do Lyft drivers deserve this abuse? No. Should Lyft revamp their Performance Review Department to improve overall standards? Yes.

Passengers may complain about a water bottle another passenger left behind. Because this driver is focusing on safety, this water bottle may have eluded them. As a result of this, the passenger complains - in the comment section - about the cleanliness of this vehicle. A driver who accidentally enters a one-way street with no cars approaching will get a safety flag. Passengers may flag drivers for taking alternate routes unfamiliar to passengers (navigation). Lastly, a driver who attempts to have a conservation with a passenger may experience a cold reception and can get a friendliness flag for talking too much.

Once a Lyft driver is flagged in all categories and drops below the 4.80 rating threshold after two Community Review flags, there is a high probability the driver's account will get deactivated. Lyft has no business class. Their poor business practice with deactivating drivers based on sketchy passenger ratings goes to show they know nothing about staff development and customer service.

If Lyft managed a restaurant, they would have the worst turnover since loyalty means nothing to them. Why care if a driver invests all of their resources into driving passengers? It doesn't matter if drivers get hotel rooms to be accessible to their assigned area. Lyft drivers can give 22 rides a night and get no recognition. Nonetheless, Lyft operates like a fast food chain.

Lyft doesn't care about you as a driver. Their main focus is to deliver many rides and spread their ridesharing service influence across the country. Lyft restricts their drivers to working in specific regions. They will deny requests to work in San Jose unless a driver moves to this location.

If ridesharing drivers give rides to outside cities, they will get booted out of the system once they enter another ride area. Then, this driver will have to log into the system and cancel their current hour or risk getting a low reliability score. There are so many issues driving for Lyft that deactivation may be a blessing in disguise.

The four flags are major areas of concern. Getting multiple flags in all these areas may impact your future as a Lyft driver. It is possible you may get deactivated in less than a week. If you're lucky enough to keep driving for Lyft, avoid working the late weekend hours. These are the times when the worst passengers request rides. Lyft passengers attempt to smoke in ridesharing vehicles. Even worse, these passengers will try to consume alcohol and this puts a driver at risk of getting into serious trouble with the law.

Keep an eye on the four categories - Safety, Navigation, Cleanliness and Friendliness. Report any unfair issues to Lyft support. We can't guarantee you that Lyft's Performance Review department will respect your needs. If you get flagged a third time, Lyft will definitely deactivate your account without any warning. When this happens, you will see a "how to become a driver" on the Lyft app. This is validation that a driver's account is no longer active. Good luck surviving at Lyft.

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