Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Ride-sharing on New Year's Eve was a bust

SideCar provided two pricing models to entice drivers. Drivers received 100% of all donations during the hours between 8-9pm and 2:30-4:30pm. SideCar indicated that 3X demand pricing would be implemented, as well. I really didn't notice any difference in pricing versus a regular day.

I arrived in San Francisco around 8pm. Within 20 minutes, I received a request to pickup a rider near Market Street toward downtown. I waited about 5-10 minutes for this passenger. I attempted to call this individual, but his phone number was a non-working number. I canceled the ride after establishing this rider was nowhere to be found and his phone number was inoperable. I wasted 20 minutes of my valuable time and lost out on the 100% power hour. 

The next request arrived from Upper Haight. This ride is the only one I got during the first power hour between 8-9pm. The remainder of the night would cost me 20% commission, although 2:30-4:30 offered power hours with no commission. 

I saw nothing extravagant with these rides. The donations were much smaller than any weekday or weekend trip. It was actually disappointing to work on New Year's. 

The best moments of ride-sharing on New Year's Eve were receiving rare compliments about my dress attire, my physical looks and of course my BMW X5 ride. One girl, in particular, told me she thought I was gorgeous. She thought I was part Japanese or had a Cherokee background. This nice girl basically gave me the best compliment in my entire life. Another two girls asked me what I would be doing later in the night and I told them I would be driving. A pretty girl also said I looked really nice and she especially loved my dress attire. She asked what I would be doing later on. I also told this girl I would be driving the remainder of the night. 

I picked up a cool couple on Polk Street. They just got finished having a nice dinner and unlimited drinks. The guy enjoyed driving in the BMW X5. He complimented how nice and beautiful this X5 looked and drove. The guy claimed no SideCar, Lyft and taxis usually drive this type of car. My first riders were also amazed by the BMW, indicating this is the best SideCar we have ever seen. 

I received the best scores on my great attitude. I did have one female passenger who was the worst possible rider ever, so I gave her a 3 star rating and just blocked her. 

On my first New Year's Eve as a ride-sharing driver, I didn't make much money. I could work any regular day and make far more than New Year's Eve. I assumed the 3X demand pricing and the power hours would make this night worthwhile. Initially, I planned to stay home and just watch television. 

I gave 15 rides and 12 donations have been credited to make me $134.80. Three donations are still pending; it is unlikely I will earn $200 working from 8pm-4:30. I spent $40 on gas, $5 toll and $5 to use the bathroom since all restrooms were closed at around 2am. The last 3 pending rides will probably increase my earnings to $160. After my expenses, I will make a lousy $110. 

With Lyft, 10 rides once made me $316 for 6 hours of work. I also made $200+ often with only working 5 hours. I had a $138 weekend night with 3.5 hours. I worked Sundays and could make $150 working 4.7 hours. As a former Lyft driver, I used to make good money driving on the weekend. 

I find this disappointing that I gave up my New Year's Eve to make small money. The compliments were uplifting, but the time and effort I put into this night driving around a busy city was not worth it. Morally, I probably contributed to safely transporting passengers to their home. In a financial sense, I had to drive from far out and put wear and tear on my vehicle to make $110. I left home at 7pm and returned back at 5:30am. 

Ride-sharing on New Year's Eve was terrible. I never expected to make chump change, as this 3x demand pricing and power hours as well as SideCar indicating it will be extremely busy and drivers were needed ti fill the demand. I didn't see this demand, especially with only delivering 4 rides in the high demand 2:30-4:30pm time slot. You would think that these 2 hours could deliver me 6 requests.  

The compliments were the best part of my New Year's Eve. Because when you think about it, the donations on this busy night failed to convince me to consider working the next year. 

In any case, Happy New Year 2014!