Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spanish Omelette Lyft rider

Spanish Omelette is a name a pretty girl uses as her Facebook profile. She is also a Lyft rider who enjoys giving a Lyft driver a "1" star rating because she claims this driver doesn't get the hint that she doesn't want to talk.

Spanish Omelette also claims the driver dropped her off 1 mile from her intended destination. However, Ms. Spanish Omelette was dropped off at the exact cross-streets she requested. It was her mistake. Any adult with common sense would say something if their drop off location is not what they assumed it would be. If this rider gives two cross-streets, this is where they will arrive.

The Lyft driver would have accommodated her. She deserved to get a "1" star for being an impossible rider who thinks her crap doesn't stink. Lyft refused to consider a rating adjustment. Imagine trying to drive this girl who is obviously conceded. She is just another pretty face with no personality.

Beware Lyft drivers who have to drive Spanish Omelette around the city. When you tell her that she can ride in the front, she will respond back that I thought this was a taxi. She works in investments or some other type of job involving investing in startups. Her advice is to use DropBox to store your digital content on the web.

Don't let this girl's pretty looks fool you. She is impossible to talk to. You will feel awkward not talking, but it will be like pulling teeth trying to talk to her. Just ignore this girl whenever she gets into your ride. You can greet her with your dumb fist-bump and welcome her to Lyft.

This Spanish Omelette rider has a toxic personality. Unless you are a driver she likes, there is no chemistry. She will make the Lyft ride unbearable. Our best advice is to cancel any request from "Spanish" that arrives because you risk getting deactivated after she gives you a "1" star.

Spanish Omelette is a "1" star rider. Her rating was not properly adjusted since Lyft favors their passengers rather than protect their driving community.

Spanish Omelette

1 out of 5 star