Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Protect Yourself on Uber/LYFT

Uber/LYFT are great side hustles! As a ridesharing driver, you have the freedom to drive whenever, wherever. Beware of the dangers on ride platforms. There are dishonest, paranoid riders out there.

Uber/LYFT are trendy ridesharing companies. They operate in most popular cities, but also attract business in smaller cities. In California, most regions have Uber/LYFT services. Thus, performing ridesharing services on ride platforms are not as safe as they seem.

Keep in mind; ridesharing drivers are independent contractors who choose to drive. Respect their vehicles, time, and be courteous. Just because people pay for this ride doesn’t give them the right to disrespect drivers. Drivers are at the mercy of their riders.

According to Uber/LYFT policies, drivers are restricted from using pepper spray, Mace, guns, and tasers for protection. These ride companies expect drivers to report all safety issues. If drivers are getting stabbed, beaten, or if guns are drawn on them, they have no ideal way to overcome these safety risks.

What drivers must worry about most: Some riders are lawsuit happy. We live in a litigious time. People are quick to conjure up fake stories, fake allegations. Would you rather get stabbed and survive? Or would you want to face a criminal case where you are innocent?

Uber/LYFT may be quick to deactivate drivers involved in criminal cases. This is the truth! Maintaining a good reputation is everything. Drivers work on ride platforms to make a living. In making a living, these drivers deal with druggies and drunkies. Paranoid, intoxicated riders are a cancer to ride platforms.

To date, a young female rider in the Chicago area murdered a male Uber driver. A female LYFT driver got beaten to a pulp by male assailants in Sacramento. A former Taco Bell executive pummeled an Uber driver. There are many cases of disorderly riders acting on impulse, acting deviant to hurt, even kill someone.

Ridesharing drivers face danger on the roads. Performing ridesharing services is mostly safe. However, there is a potential risk that driving strangers can result in a disastrous outcome. Litigious claims are scary because these cases involve losing money, losing work, losing reputation. Allegations on ride platforms are met with immediate deactivation.

What should matter to drivers is their life. If drivers face life/death situations, they better choose to live. If Uber/LYFT refuse to protect the safety of drivers, then important decisions must be made to prevent a disaster.

Get a dash cam. Litigious claims can be squashed with video and audio footage. Have the police on speed dial. In dangerous situations, get out of the car fast. Keep an eye on riders in rearview mirror. If and when riders are combative, stop the ride. The last thing you want is to be critically inured while driving on highways/freeways.

A small percentage of riders will make false reports. If drunken, on drugs, or both, these are the most dangerous riders. For the most part, we hear of these claims coming from female riders. Don’t get yourself into a serious situation where it can ruin your life. You can/will lose the fight without evidence. Stay vigilant. Stay safe.