Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Manage Time on Uber Platform

Uber is an expert at manipulating time. This ride technology company aims to get drivers on the road and eliminate them from quest contention. We don't fault Uber for doing this to save money. They need a high supply of drivers to meet high demand. However, the way Uber is going about this trickery is hurting their drivers and riders.

Tired of Uber controlling your earning potential? Missing weekly quests? Take action to avoid losing these valuable earnings. Time management is the single most important skill to possess.

Keep in mind that Uber does not want their Partners to reach the quests. We strongly believe this is a silent decision to reduce expenses. Uber offers the quests to woo drivers. Without giving any incentives to drive, only making fares driving clients will not boost direct deposits.

Driving to achieve the weekly/weekend quest is a stressful game. Uber clients are noticing this pressure exerted on their drivers. Uber drivers are feeling the heat making long trips. Long trips count as one trip rather than the inverse, appropriate credit such as 1 trip=every 15 minutes. If Uber would follow this lead, they would improve overall service for riders who should not factor into this quest.

Riders are receiving bad service because of drivers chasing these incentives. We don't fault drivers for making business decisions to protect their earnings. It's incredibly tough surviving as a ridesharing driver. Reaching the quests are the only reasonable way to financially survive.

A high number of drivers refuse to wait for clients outside of banks, in fast food drive-thrus, outside of stores, at train stations and in other places. These drivers tell their clients to order new trips. Riders fail to understand their special requests are causing drivers to lose valuable time and money. Hour long waits in In-N-Out and Jack in the Box drive-thrus hurt drivers. Partners are only making $.12-$.18 a minute waiting outside a store. If riders go shopping for an hour, they influence riders who need rides and drivers lose money not meeting their quests. Riders should show better respect!

Time is everything. In our view, we find penalizing clients to reach the quests a petty action. We will always accommodate our riders because they matter most. Without these clients, we would not have a job. The element of time is a major factor in accomplishing weekday/weekend quests.

On the way to meeting the terms and conditions of quests, some drivers may try to do things that are frowned upon. Trust us, Uber is much smarter than you think. Avoid doing anything that will cost money. Uber can and will penalize drivers for taking actions against their policies.

We stress the importance of time. Time is a make or break factor in meeting quests. Do not allow yourself to chase after this quest, especially with a few trips to go and only a few hours remaining. Instead of chasing, plan ahead to get trips. Early morning and evening trips are golden.

Monday and Friday are the best days to schedule driving. If Partners drive on these days, they have a good chance to meet quest requirements. Saturday and Sunday are also a gold mine for rides. Choose your driving areas very carefully. If you follow this script, you will meet the terms and condition of the quests. Don't leave money on the table. Do what is required to reach the quest(s).

Uber should allow drivers interested in reaching the quest(s) to accomplish them. Their tricks and games to manipulate time and influence the outcome put a bad taste in both drivers and riders. Give proper credit for long trips. Riders are in agreement that drivers will happily take these time consuming trips. If a driver is a few trips away from completing the quest, sending them on a long trip to eliminate the quest is unethical! This is the reason why some drivers are taking action to reach the bonus.

Trip requests are not happening organically. There are moments in which drivers are driving around in busy areas without a trip. This is no accident! In the end, they miss the quest. If Uber wants their drivers to be happy, give them a fair shot to accomplish the quest. It's no coincidence that drivers are missing the quest. Resetting trips, using UberEATS to waste time, long pickup times when other drivers are far closer, and other shady tricks, are frustrating Uber Partners.

Of course, time management will override any tricks that Uber employs to disrupt the quest(s). Nevertheless, drivers are driving blindly on the roads without having filters and destinations ahead of pickups. We are 100 percent certain of the tricks that block the quest(s). Drivers can combat these games to make extra money, compensating them for low fares. Nothing is more frustrating than driving around searching for ride quests that are skipping drivers close to the quest.

Time management is your kryptonite against Uber!