Saturday, June 10, 2017

Watch out for missing trips and cancellations

Uber drivers should make it a habit to capture trips. Unfortunately, trips are going missing in the history and Uber has no record of the client requesting a ride. As a result of this, drivers are not given proper credit for cancellations and trips.

Don't expect Uber support to understand your concern. Screenshots speak a thousand words. If you have a time-stamped image, you will be given credit. Drivers are expected to do the legwork.

Uber Support employees need to be retrained to better conduct driver operations and concerns. We would like to see these employees on the ride dealing with tough riders. After a weekend on the road, Uber Support employees will do a better job performing their jobs.

Missing trips and cancellations do disappear from your trip history. Uber will make it impossible to receive credit for something they don't see on their end. Unfortunately, this is how a billion-dollar transportation company operates their business.

Drivers must take action to protect their earnings. Right now, Uber is still holding the tipping feature hostage. They won't reward their drivers with a tool that is way overdue. Lyft is far ahead of the curve; they have a tipping feature and riders are tipping their drivers often.

Keep an eye on missing trips, unpaid cancellations, and missing tolls. Don't allow too much time to overlap before reporting this matter to Uber Support. It's your money. You worked hard to make it. Make sure you recognize missing trips, cancellations and unpaid tolls.