Friday, June 02, 2017

Uber Support lack basic knowledge of Uber

Uber Partners must deal with Uber Support employees who lack basic knowledge of Uber policies. These employees fail to understand simple requests, simple reports, simple issues. For the most part, Uber Partners are alone on the road. If their app crashes before a promotional period ends, these drivers waste valuable time contacting Uber Support. Simple questions become unresolved requests.

Uber is trying to leverage the transportation and delivery industry. Where this ride giant is failing at is hiring and training Uber Support employees to address Partner emails concerning roadside, client, app and promotional issues. If the current landscape is a disaster, imagine the previous 3-4 years.

What Uber cares about is their rider base. They will go great great lengths to ensure these riders are happy. However, some Uber Support members will create conflict with drivers over well-deserved cancellation fees that were not initially paid out. These US employees will expect drivers to keep screenshots of promotional offers. Without any proof, they refuse to issue payments.

For example, an Uber Partner opted-in to deliver food with UberEats. He was not given a $50 bonus for completing the first 10 trips. Uber would not issue this payment, urging the driver to show a screenshot of the offer featured on the Uber driver app. If this offer was not captured and is no longer available, all drivers opting-in as a new deliver driver will not receive payment.

Uber clients cancel trips while in an active ride. Drivers will not receive ride credit for any type of canceled trips. As a result of this action, drivers may miss weekday and weekend promotions. When Partners contact US, they're given the runaround about Uber cancellation policies. What does this have to do with trip cancellations while in active rides?

We believe US employees read basic keywords, such as cancellation and trip promotions, to expedite driver requests. However, the staff members fail to properly acknowledge important issues that can/will become major problems. As Uber's driver and rider app are finally reaching elite status, their support team is thus regressing. Unfortunately, automation services may provide more quality support than human staff.

Uber Partners operate at a disadvantage. We won't get into the inevitable algorithm and driverless car challenges all Uber drivers will face in the near future. If Uber drivers matter, Uber would reward them with including an in-app feature. However, Uber continues to irk their drivers and riders for withholding this simple request. Lyft handled this in-app tipping request long ago; they respect both drivers and riders. As usual, Uber enjoys making excuses and sweeping issues under their "U" rug.

Uber Partners must be direct with US employees. Don't expect Uber to accommodate drivers who miss promotions based on clients using this ride service as a shopping cart. Riders waiting on the back-end are likely to cancel trips to complicate promotions. Drivers are put in an unfair position to miss trip requirements, costing them valuable earnings they need in order to survive.

Uber is also reluctant to introduce ride filters (keep drivers in specific areas) and give credit for longer trips. It appears that Uber is pushing drivers to the brink of exhaustion. They withhold rider destinations, confusing clients about drivers knowing this information ahead of pickups. Manipulating promotions, using algorithms, and refusing to count trips canceled while rides are active complicate the driving process. Drivers are always chasing, increasing their stress levels.

Growing concern operating as an Uber Partner is that drivers don't matter. Uber's past and present actions confirm that drivers must adopt a better strategy and utilize an effective system to overcome these setbacks. Truth is: Uber does not want their Partners to accomplish promotions. They will make reaching promotions a super challenge. If Uber cared, they would not revise trips and change reward payouts weekly. Hence, adding 5 trips to an existing promotion could disqualify thousands of drivers. Uber convinces enough drivers to fill high demand, but then they use tricks to manipulate them into missing bonuses toward the cutoff time.

What Uber Support overlooks: The obstacles on the road. Most of the time US employees put drivers through obstacles to save Uber money. Partners will grow tired; they eventually abandon their requests to receive proper payments.

Uber is not showing the same compassion their drivers show for clients. First and foremost, Uber Support employees are giving Partners a low-quality service. If US actually reads these emails, they would do a better job addressing driver concerns. Until Uber improves Uber Support, Partners must resolve their own personal matters. Don't expect US to understand active trip cancellations, concealed destinations, rider abuse, technical issues, and other problems that put Partners in unfair situations.