Saturday, June 03, 2017

Uber, quit giving delivery trips if they don't count toward peak time bonus

Uber manipulation techniques keep blocking drivers from accomplishing their weekly goals. A new peak time bonus is rewarding drivers for completing trips during busy times. There are specific hours that count toward this bonus. Unfortunately, premium services and delivery trips are not tallied in this total.

UberX and UberPool drivers also performing UberRush and UberEats delivery services are put in a tough position. Delivery trips take time to complete. If Uber pings UberX drivers with multiple deliveries during peak times, Uber is essentially blocking them. Driving people at peak times will earn drivers a $100 bonus.

How can drivers overcome these peak time challenges? Drive in regions where UberEats is unpopular and/or unavailable. Look at the UberEats map to determine busy areas and stay away!

If Uber wants to play games with drivers, then drivers can make adjustments to confront their tricks. It's unethical for Uber to use an arsenal of manipulative techniques/tricks to block weekday/weekend bonuses. In order to reach these trip milestones, drivers must go out early. Uber won't be able to use their unethical system against you, especially if you're completing trip requirements ahead of the deadline.

Excluding delivery trips from the peak time bonus is another barrier to block drivers. Without knowing the type of trip, drivers face losing time during peak times. Delivery trips can involve long pickup times, waiting, and then delivery time to destination.

We suspect Uber does not want their drivers to reach bonuses. They've proven this with restructuring trip requirements, amounts, blocking destinations, pinging drivers with extremely long trips, giving drivers UberX trips that will end after deadline, resetting pickup address after trip is started, crashing apps, allow mid-trip cancellation, poor GPS that plots rider at another location, and many other factors. Don't play the game against Uber because you will lose money.

Go out early and get your bonus done. Some drivers will avoid the bonus to reduce stress. They're fully aware that Uber is playing games and they won't tolerate this poor treatment. If you're a driver interested in bonuses, manage your time wisely. Algorithms are armed and ready to block you. The weekday/weekend bonuses are yours to earn. You deserve it! You can do it!