Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Uber Partners are Exhausted

Uber Partners need Uber's help to decrease their fatigue. They need another weekend bonus to reduce pressure. Driving on weekends is a hit or miss. There is only one bonus to reach: 70 trips. Uber Partners find that chasing after this weekend bonus is a toxic process. For the most part, algorithms are designed to suck the life out of Uber drivers. Uber is doing a wonderful job exhausting their Partners to the point of extinction, contradicting their message that drivers matter most.

Uber has featured many unique bonuses to keep drivers on the road. Sadly, their hourly guarantees offered in the past were incredibly hard to accomplish. Drivers would miss out on hundreds in lost earnings because Uber manipulated drivers into missing the requirements.

Long trips would remove drivers from home base. Without any features to get offline, drivers were expected to accept requests outside of qualified regions. As a result of this, Uber could eliminate drivers based on exceeding the 67 percent or two-thirds qualified trip requirement. One or two trip average per hour eliminated drivers from contention. One, two, or three hour trips would put drivers in non-qualified regions. Therefore, drivers struggled to return into qualified regions to claim this reward.

The 90 percent acceptance rate complicated this hourly guarantee bonus. Technical issues could send requests in poor coverage zones. Drivers could/would miss the request rate to activate this bonus. Uber refused to compensate drivers who missed acceptance rates.

Uber encouraged drivers to use a destination-to-home feature that matched drivers on the way home. In small print, Uber rejected time spent on destination trips and refused to match drivers for lost earnings.

Get a request into a slow non-qualified region? You will miss valuable time trying to return back. Uber knows exactly what they're doing to impact their Partners, so there is no surprise that drivers continue to lose out on bonuses. Nevertheless, Uber entices their drivers to get on the road and disqualify them using shady tactics.

In current time, Uber offers a 70 trip bonus. Uber drivers are struggling to reach 70 trips during the weekend. Uber started this weekend bonus with 60 trips. They increased this bonus to 65 trips, and then recently added another 5 trips. Drivers are experiencing major problems making the mark.

Long trips wipe out this bonus. Uber clients and drivers shared that compensating drivers for time on long trips could improve overall service. An effective approach is to give 1 trip credit in increments of 30 minutes.

Uber drivers continue to reject clients because Uber is putting a high value on completing many trips. Delivery requests steal valuable time, too. Single orders, long pick-up times, and restaurant issues influence time. Long UberPool trips with no connections impact time and money.

Incentives require time to complete. Measuring ride averages are important to plan ahead for breaks. The conditions must be ripe in order to reach the bonus. It's not an easy process!

Uber algorithms and requirements cheat drivers of additional earnings. Without accomplishing these weekly bonuses, driving with Uber is not worthwhile. The cost to operate as a ridesharing driver is too expensive. Incentives help drivers to earn money lost from Uber jumping the gun to reduce fares to all-time lows. Lack of surge pricing is making most trips - beginning in the East Bay - unappealing. It's unfair for drivers to claim conflicting rides without seeing this destination, especially knowing they will miss the bonus because of it. Some Uber drivers are brave to ask riders to leave their vehicles. However, moral drivers want to take the right actions to serve clients. Unfortunately, these moral drivers lose out valuable earnings that cause them severe financial problems. Algorithms are nearly impossible to beat. Drivers need a second bonus to make sure all their effort is not lost.

Featuring two weekend bonuses will improve client service. Adding a second bonus will reduce instances in which drivers employ taxi-like behavior to reject trips. These drivers will call riders to triage trips. They ask the rider(s) to exit. Long trips require drivers to be alert, awake, and safe. Adding another 5 trips to raise the bar may influence a small pool of immoral drivers to begin trips without riders, anticipating this will help them to reach the bonus. Will introducing a second weekend bonus improve client service? Yes! We believe driver and rider relationships will improve under two weekend incentives. Another option is to lower the trip count back to 60 trips, like before.

Uber is exhausting their drivers. They want to get the most out of drivers, but their algorithms create safety risks. Will Uber keep sucking the life out of their drivers? We see a partnership that is quickly eroding. Partners will soon quit driving. Some partners have no choice but to leave since poor Uber policies create legal problems with toll bridges, tickets and accidents.

Basically, vehicle registrations are locked down from toll violations. It's not the fault of Uber drivers. If these drivers didn't miss their weekly bonuses, they could afford to set automatic replenishment to afford bridge tolls ($135 replenishment once balance drops to $60). Another problem area is Uber not dealing directly with clients instead of putting drivers into an unfair position to accept these costly violations. There has to be another way to protect drivers from digging financial graves filled with toll violations. Fastrak is coercing Uber and Lyft drivers to pay for these violations. Meanwhile, locked down vehicle registrations, costly fines, and future deactivation (vehicles will be temporarily deactivated with no updated registration) become inevitable problems.

Clients complain if drivers choose to pay cash in busy toll lanes. They don't have to deal with the consequences of $75-$100 toll violations. Drivers have no way to see destinations ahead of pickup. Concealing destinations and rider pictures from drivers add to this overall problem. Uber will loose drivers who cannot resolve toll bridge issues, tickets from riders standing in high prone areas, and all the other problems that plague driving with Uber.

There are so many problems exhausting Uber Partners. These issues originate from Uber manipulating their drivers to save money. Sadly, Uber's poor internal practices will backfire on them. Once drivers are up for registration renewal, they will be blocked with hefty fees assessed on their DMV accounts. Unpaid tickets and toll violations keep drivers from renewing registrations. Refusing to address this major problem will take a toll on drivers. Uber has ignored this serious issue!

The main reason why some of us continue driving with Uber is because of their past loyalty. In recent time, we question their loyalty in protecting drivers and ensuring we make decent money to survive on the platform. Fairness matters. Respect matters. Time matters. Maintaing a quality platform relies on Uber addressing major issues that harm their clients and drivers.

We're on the road for thousands of hours. We understand the real world problems challenging Uber. Clients share their concerns about drivers--both good and bad. Hence, clients also share that many drivers have no idea why they keep missing the bonuses. We'll be awaiting changes coming to Uber. Past drivers are dealing with lost earnings(missing bonuses, lack of motivation to get on road from being unappreciated for lack of company changes), costly violations (bridge toll violations), parking tickets and traffic citations(riders rushing drivers & standing in hot zones), and depreciating vehicles that will be deemed worthless in a few years. In order to remain with Uber, Veteran drivers must dig a huge hole to keep active.

Revising the weekend bonus to accommodate Uber drivers will improve morale and customer service. Refusing to integrate tipping into the rider app is enough proof that Uber Partners do not matter. Meanwhile, Lyft drivers enjoy the convenience of in-app tipping. Hopefully, Uber realizes their unethical practices so they can make changes to retain valuable Veteran Uber Partners!