Saturday, June 10, 2017

Uber disrespecting Partners

UberX drivers perform UberPool carpooling services. In the past, Uber Partners were given the freedom to accept or reject new UberPool requests. However, Uber wants to control drivers so much that new UberPool requests are automatically connected to existing trips. It does not matter whether drivers need gas or have to use the restroom, Uber must get the most out of their drivers. Uber drivers are either on non-stop trips or they go without a request for 60-90 minutes to miss bonuses.

Selling flexibility and freedom to drivers is an afterthought. No longer are Uber drivers operating with total freedom. One disrespectful action of Uber that we cannot forgive is that all UberX/UberPool drivers never see the face of clients on the driver app.

A few weeks ago, a client shared their opinion of Uber while in an active ride. This client found it confusing as to why Uber will show him the picture of connecting riders without serving up that particular information to his Uber drivers. Is Uber willing to keep their loyal drivers out of the loop?

Uber does not show drivers any rider pictures! Meanwhile, clients have access to pictures of connecting rider on their rider app. How disrespectful is this treatment? It is terrible for Uber to conceal all data so drivers are at the mercy of riders, their unfair complaints and are expected to locate connecting riders using instinct and text message/phone calls.

As you may know, there are riders who have communication issues since they haven't added an active phone number on their rider accounts. When Uber drivers attempt to make UberEATS deliveries and/or contact riders who are about to be no-shows, or that UberPool 2-minute timer expires, some clients are impossible to contact. Text messages bounce back and phone calls share an error message. Are Uber staff members actually performing their jobs?

Uber is continuing to empower riders with endless freedom and block drivers from basic information. By now, we assumed drivers are supposed to represent the face of Uber; however, they are still treated with little respect. For the most part, concealing rider pictures from drivers but providing this information to riders demonstrate Uber's lack of professionalism and loyalty.

Nice work Uber! Way to go!! Keep stepping on your drivers!!! Your flawed policies are aimed at protecting riders so much that you're willing to jeopardize their safety--giving out private data to perfect strangers will backfire on your technology company.