Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ready to Capture Weekday/Weekend Bonus?

Uber keeps revising bonus requirements weekly. Their practices are confusing Uber drivers, who cannot seem to capture old requirements rather than adhere to 80 trips during weekday driving and another 70 trips on the weekends. With shady algorithms designed to send drivers on wild goose chases, Uber is sending a message out to drivers that they do not matter.

How in the world will you capture the max weekday and the only weekend bonus? We wish Uber drivers luck on completing 150 trips in a week. Based on the current environment, averaging 2 trips per hour with long rides tallied in this total will require a minimum of 75-80 hours on the road per week.

Uber is using shady tactics to harm the safety of their drivers. Increasing trip count and employing algorithms to influence drivers translate into pure evil. Sadly, Uber refuses to communicate with riders about Uber drivers being on the road for many hours. Riders complain often about getting the boot out of Uber vehicles? Nevertheless, riders overlook that drivers drive other clients and need rest.

The bonus structure is a clear manipulation. Uber tells their drivers to use the trip destination feature; however, they won't count any of these trips toward the bonus. When Uber holds a peak time bonus, they reject delivery trips. Unfortunately, Uber will send many delivery trips to impact drivers. To be honest, Uber wants their drivers to miss the incentives.

Most drivers know the moment they reach a few trips from achieving the bonus, a disqualifying trip will arrive to wipe out the bonus. If these drivers reject a ride, they make Uber look bad. It's Uber that is making their brand look bad by misleading riders into believing that drivers know the destination ahead of pickups. If riders are canceled, they assume drivers made this decision based on conflicting destinations. This is so untrue!

Uber is making the bonuses unappealing. Veteran Uber drivers are tired of their shady practices. This is becoming a serious problem because drivers are losing tons of money through Uber's flawed practices. Want proof these constant revisions to the bonus structure are harming drivers? Just ask your drivers how they feel about the bonus. You'll find the truth!

Forget the bonuses! It's not worth drivers jeopardizing the safety of riders over chump change. Uber is quickly becoming a second-rate ride app. Although disloyal to past drivers, Lyft is now showing their drivers matter most. Unfortunately, Uber lost the memo that identified Uber drivers as the sole reason their technology company manages to exist.

As ride averages continue to sink, there is concern that reaching bonuses under extreme conditions (algorithms) will make the chase feel like getting gamed at a casino. The old 5-tier bonus structure rewarded drivers properly. They could make adjustments during the week to capture their desired bonus. Nonetheless, drivers are forced to drive 7 days a week to possibly miss both max bonuses.

San Francisco is delivering low ride averages, as compared to the past. Berkeley is a ghost town. Cal students are on break, so ride requests decreased. Warriors games take up valuable time because of heavy traffic making drop-offs and pick-ups. Just think about all the time lost with cancellations, no-shows, traffic, riders taking too long to get ready, long trips, and unfair games that Uber enjoys playing to harm their driver base. You'll get the gist of what is really going on.

Uber is treating their drivers poorly. They know this! Ever since Uber removed the original bonus structure, they have caused so many drivers to experience financial challenges. Once Uber clients learn of this poor treatment, as many have already expressed disgust in, they will start using Lyft more often. Nobody wants to support a ride company who are against their drivers!

Change the bonus structure back to the 5-tier model, or increase fare prices. If not, good luck retaining your drivers. Lyft will begin to capture this ride business and overtake Uber on ridesharing and carpooling services. Uber drivers are beginning to take a stand against long trips. Under this current model, long trips will cost Uber drivers valuable earnings. Some riders are so selfish, they expect tired drivers to take long trips. Meanwhile, drivers lose valuable time and miss qualifying trips going on these long ride adventures Aside from this, fatigue/exhaustion are deeply concerning issues.

We used to respect Uber. What we've heard and seen have changed our outlook. Gaming drivers with sending them into non-qualifying regions to block hourly guarantees (trip origination), telling drivers to use trip destinations that do not count, sending delivery requests when they are exempt from a particular bonus, allowing riders to cancel trips while en route, and all your damaging moves are pushing drivers to quit soon.

Uber drivers deserve better treatment! It's all your fault Uber! Uber may believe their drivers will not notice this manipulation aimed at increasing the supply of vehicles to meet heavy ride demand. These drivers are quickly learning their missed bonuses are no coincidence. Keep playing games Uber--the road will end soon!