Friday, May 26, 2017

UberPool immediate cancellations cost $2 and post-2 min cancels at pickup cost $5

UberPool clients must beware of Uber cancellation policies. Uber drivers may not give riders any flexibility with UberPool. Once the 2-minute countdown expires, the driver app tells the drivers to cancel riders as 'no show'. The cost of this cancellation: $5.

Keep in mind that riders who request a ride under UberPool and cancel within a few seconds will pay a $2 cancellation fee. Try your best to avoid this habit, especially since a $2 fee can add up over time.

Familiarize yourself with Uber cancellation policies. If you order an UberPool, be sure to be ready outside of the requested pickup address. Most drivers will not be kind enough to wait for you. Furthermore, riders are probably running late and will tell their drivers to move on.

Drivers and riders are unable to revise destination addresses. However, drivers can end trips out of order if you tell them ahead of time that you require a different drop-off that is within the area.

Happy UberPooling!