Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Uber is still making excuses to not integrate an in-app tipping feature

What is the deal with Uber? Uber drivers are losing thousands of dollars per year because Uber still hans't developed a tipping feature. Sadly, Uber is mishandling a simple Uber client and driver request to allow in-app tips.

Uber clients want to tip their drivers for good service. Most clients don't have cash in hand. However, Uber is diverting this request like Trump is doing with Russia. It's shameful to keep making excuses regarding a tipping option in the rider app.

Meanwhile, Lyft is allowing their drivers to make hundreds of dollars per week through an in-app feature. Uber is operating unethically to block their drivers from receiving tips.

UberEats clients rarely tip their delivery drivers. They usually avoid tipping cash. If Uber would shape up and be responsible, UberEats delivery drivers would receive tips via the customer app.

Several years later, Uber still ignores the tipping feature. They can scan driver faces to make sure there is no fraud going on; however, they have no explanation for withholding an in-app tipping feature.

Uber clients are disappointed in Uber. Imagine how many Uber clients would tip via the rider app. Uber drivers deal with algorithms blocking them from accomplishing bonuses. It seems that Uber is squeaking the most production out of their drivers. The end result: Small earnings, more hours.

A tipping feature would motivate drivers. Another setback is Uber prohibiting Partners who are using vehicle solutions from cashing out ahead of direct deposits. Uber needs to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to address their in-app tipping excuse. Put your engineers to work Uber!

We sense that Uber does not want to burden their riders. They deceived their riders to suggest that tips are included in the overall fares. Many riders would tell drivers they don't have to tip them because it is calculated in the trip. This is so untrue!! Fake news!!!

Despite all the hard work Uber drivers do on a daily basis, Uber continues to manipulate bonuses and block access to in-app tips. For the most part, most riders won't tip unless this operation is performed in-app. If restaurants adopted the same principles, servers would quit. Cash is not king in the tipping world. People prefer to use credit cards to tip service workers. UberEats delivery drivers and UberX/UberPool drivers are losing thousands per year for your unwillingness to listen and react.

Do you value your drivers Uber? Want your Partners to be happy? Integrate an in-app tipping feature. Please give your clients a way to tip their drivers!