Friday, May 26, 2017

Uber Drivers: Think Twice Before Applying for Uber Greenlight Position

Uber is searching for Uber Greenlight experts to handle driver issues in physical locations. The catch: Uber drivers who apply must permanently relinquish their driver account.

Unless Uber is paying $60-$80K a year, Uber drivers are wasting their time applying for a job that is probably paying much lower than the figures listed above.

If you enjoy driving for Uber, do not risk losing your driver account to accept a job you may dislike. Keep in mind that you will be expected to provide service to Uber drivers all day long.

Freedom and flexibility sell. Uber drivers have a great opportunity to become successful in their driving ventures. However, Greenlight experts could find dealing with drivers a tedious process.

Uber should reconsider allowing Uber drivers who apply for this position continued access to driving. Without this guarantee, this job position has no appeal. Thanks, but no thanks!