Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nice job Lyft: Deactivated another loyal driver

Lyft is still abusing their power. Four years later, this ridesharing company is still deactivating loyal drivers. It's sad that Lyft continues to trample on the very drivers who put forth great effort to make them relevant. Another Lyft driver, this time a 4.9+ driver, bites the dust. Freddie Mercury would be proud of Lyft!

Lyft tries to market their ride service as a friend with a car. Unfortunately, Lyft treats their drivers like bums who own cars. A loyal Lyft driver enjoyed driving on your platform. He took pride transporting many riders all over the Bay Area. Your gift to this driver: Deactivation. Wow, that is cold!!

On one recent morning, Lyft sent an email to deactivate this driver account. They didn't give this driver a chance to explain himself. The truth is that Lyft continues to unethically operate in this manner. They've been quietly deactivating drivers like they're on a covert mission.

A 4.90 driver is now out of a job! Lyft will never reveal their immoral practices to the public. All Lyft cares about is making profit; they want to overthrow Uber. Good luck on that goal Lyft! Karma is hot on your trail.

In time, you will answer to a higher power for deactivating so many great drivers. If you believe you're deactivating bad drivers, you are dead wrong! These former Lyft drivers are making your rideshare look incompetent. Your unfair practices keep Uber moving forward.

Lyft drivers deserve better treatment for delivering millions of passengers to their intended destinations. Keep tossing drivers off your ship. An iceberg will sink your operations.

Beware Lyft drivers!! Don't trust Lyft with your future goals. Stay alert, be vigilante.