Friday, May 26, 2017

If Bad Uber Clients Got Ratings they Dished out to Drivers...

Some Uber clients refuse to think what their ratings can do to Uber drivers. These riders who secretly submit low stars are actually some of the worst riders in the transportation industry. Imagine mediocre, low-rated riders submitting low stars to the best drivers on the Uber platform. This is a common problem Uber sweeps under the rug to avoid criticism.

What if drivers could predict the riders who are about to submit low stars? This intuition could help drivers give bad riders the star ratings they really deserve. There are way too many times where drivers submit 5 stars out of feeling sorry for the riders, only to receive low stars from them. The source of these problems originate from the riders being late, at different pickup addresses, making mistakes inputting wrong addresses, yelling at drivers, being in a foul mood, showing up much later, telling drivers to wait long periods of time, spitting on carpets out of disrespect, and much more. 

Drivers are sure to give riders who vomit in their rides low stars. If a person is coherent to order an Uber, they should be responsible to request drivers to pull over and vomit outside of vehicles. It's disrespectful for riders to influence driver earnings based on their willingness to prove they can handle alcohol. For the most part, drivers do not mind if riders request quick stops, or even several stops to vomit along the way. 

The truth is that if bad riders were given the low stars they give drivers, they would be walking home. Most drivers focused on money will avoid low star riders. Riders better have a good reason to give a 4.9 Uber driver a 1 star after receiving quality service. If riders are running late to work, to the airport and to meetings, they should take personal responsibility for these mistakes instead of harming drivers to make a point. 

Given this information, riders will experience the wrath of drivers unwilling to take their bad attitudes. In the end, riders will pay the ultimate price with getting canceled by many drivers and be forced to take expensive taxi services. 

Be fair to Uber drivers! Uber refuses to integrate a tipping feature to help their drivers. Lyft is so far ahead of the curve with their tipping feature that listening to radio commercials of this ridesharing company bragging about rewarding their drivers with delivering 100 percent tips is sickening. 

Uber should definitely throw out low ratings on rides the right rider canceled after the wrong rider entered a vehicle. How can Uber allow this score to stick? If drivers transport the wrong client, right riders will cancel and submit 1 star. These scores should be excluded since the client canceled the ride.  

Moreover, Uber should not allow riders to cancel trips while en route. Uber refuses to count these completed rides as trips. Whereas, Uber released a facial recognition security feature to check for the right drivers, they cannot figure out how to count a completed trip that got canceled during an active ride as a trip. When drivers miss their bonus by a trip or two, Uber will point to the bonus requirements as the reason. However, Uber is unable to create a trip that a rider canceled while fumbling around and playing with the rider app. These shady practices must stop because loyal Uber drivers are being manipulated into missing bonuses.

But aside from this, Uber should give drivers credit for long trips. If a driver must driver 3 hours and miss their bonus by a ride, count this trip as 6 trips. It's unfair to expect drivers who have been providing ride services for many hours to accept a ride they have no clue where it's going, and expect them to drive there while missing the weekday/weekend bonus. Moral drivers will accept losing money to make their riders happy. However, bad riders overlook their loss and are quick to pass judgement. 

Bad clients deserve bad ratings. If drivers were able to set aside their morals and submit accurate scores, other drivers could spot the bad riders. There are 4.9 rider that act like 4.5 clients. The same can be said about 4.5 riders that qualify as 4.9 riders. Clients will never see 4.5 drivers on the road because Uber will either suspend their driver accounts -  to take a training class - or deactivate them following unsuccessful attempts to improve their overall ratings and feedback. 

Some Uber drivers are abrasive. Past riders have a lot to do with this outcome. Nonetheless, some Uber drivers are just bad drivers and have poor attitudes. Good Uber drivers do not deserve to get punished for rider mistakes. These drivers do more than just drive; they face many challenges on the road that require special attention. Any bad mistakes could result in injuries, even death. Give Uber drivers a break and be fair. If you know you're a bad rider, don't be bitter to get back at drivers. 

Have a problem with Uber's app issues that cause you distress? Tell Uber; do not submit low stars to punish Uber drivers. Would you try to get a restaurant server fired for them delivering a bad entree? Understand the role of drivers. Realize that drivers drive thousands of riders per year. They deal with many personalities and road hazards. Cut Uber drivers some slack, please! 

Stay safe on Memorial Day Weekend!