Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Heard of Email Uber?

Uber driver direct deposits did not reach bank accounts this morning. Most drivers depend on this money to make a living on the Uber platform. For the most part, Uber drivers deserve this money after performing valuable ride sharing services in the week prior to this payment. Nevertheless, Uber drivers were not contacted ahead of time to warn them of this internal payment processing problem.

Unfortunately, Uber drivers are constantly put in the dark. We discovered no direct deposits were made on Wednesday morning. Based on the phone support via Uber driver app, a pre-recorded female voice identified this payment error. She indicated that this payment should reach driver bank accounts in the next business day or later.

What type of multibillion dollar company ignores a payment issue? The first mode of operation: Contact Uber Partners in an email to address this payment processing issue. It's unprofessional to keep silent about driver payments failing to reach driver bank accounts this morning.

Uber is dropping the ball again! Expect Uber Partners to maintain professionalism; however, mismanage internal operations by not sending formal emails out to keep confidence in the drivers who make Uber possible.

But now, clients are also expressing frustration in how driver incentives influence them to miss rides. It's understandable that drivers are put in a tough position to give a particular ride or miss out on hundreds in bonuses. Riders have noticed drivers booting them out of trips if it's that these will conflict with their time and bonus. Both drivers and riders are getting the short end of the Uber stick!

Once the old trip milestones changed from weekly to weekday and weekend, drivers struggled with manipulative tricks. These Uber Partners do not see destinations. Riders assume drivers have access to this information ahead of pick-up. Drivers do not have this information! Shrinking bonuses and using unethical tricks to disqualify drivers demonstrate the lack of loyalty between drivers and Uber.

Uber should have addressed this recent payment processing delay in an email. What if drivers assume direct deposits are already in their bank accounts? It can create a snowball effect. Imagine drivers waiting a day or two to transport clients to destinations? Adopt taxi policies to not show up? It could/would sink Uber!

We have no idea what is going on with Uber lately. Uber support is also slow to identify incentives offered to drivers via email. They request screenshots, time, date, place, and destinations, and do so multiple times. We anticipate Uber Support already have access to this information. Our notion is that these US members are trying to make the legwork so tough that drivers give up. UberEats did not pay out incentives for new delivery drivers because no screenshots of this offer were made available after they disappeared from the Uber driver app.

Uber Partners must take screenshots of all incentives/offers. If you do not have this information, Uber will not issue you a payment. If you're working on weekday and weekend bonuses, do so ahead of time to avoid Uber manipulation and tricks that will block you toward the end. Crashing apps in last few hours, freezing apps, long trips ending after deadlines, starting trips show destinations and informing driver the ride had no started after leaving location, allowing riders to cancel trips while in trips and not counting this as a trip, going 90 minutes without a request, single deliveries on busy nights, riders performing errand services for 1 to 2 hours, increasing ride count, and other setbacks/tricks block drivers from accomplishing weekday and weekend bonuses.

In essence, Uber should have notified drivers of late direct deposits using a mass email system. They expect professionalism, but are being unprofessional to handle this payment issue. Full-time Uber drivers delivering Monday trips wait at least 9 days to receive payments. Rejecting daily cash payments due to having vehicle solution services prove disparity in driver benefits. If you lease a car from Uber, you cannot take advantage of daily cash payments. We assume Uber would do a better job to inform Partners of these policies. We guess not!

Your driver payments should be deposited tomorrow, the next day, or whenever your bank will accept this payment. It is scary for drivers who rely on this money to wait past the expected direct deposit dates. How about getting rid of the policy blocking vehicle solution members from receiving daily cash-outs? That would be a good start Uber!

Drive safe!!