Friday, May 26, 2017

BottleRock Music Festival in Napa this Memorial Day Weekend

Uber will tell you there is a boost, surges and plenty of busy in Napa this weekend. BottleRock Music Festival is live and ready to attract thousands of music lovers. With all these people, there will be a lot of traffic. Time is money. Traffic will impact overall earnings!

If you plan to accomplish ride incentives, avoid this area. The heavy traffic will decrease your ride average to block you. If you don't move, you're making very little money. Per mile rates are worth far more than per minute rates. Don't get stuck in the BottleRock traffic.

Based on experience, we got stuck in this traffic and rides were not that profitable. If you intend to accomplish the weekly ride promotions, stay out of Napa! It's not worth your time to be there.

However, Uber drivers who live in Napa and who enjoy music can driver cool people from all over the world. It's definitely a positive place to find music influence. We cannot guarantee drivers that they will make money driving people around BottleRock in that crazy traffic.

Bonus of driving in Napa: Maroon 5 will headline this music event!

Music Event Location: BottleRock is located at 575 3rd Street, Napa, Ca, 94559