Friday, May 26, 2017

A late rider who ordered ride late on graduation day gives a driver a 1 star

Uber allows irresponsible clients to give top-rated Uber drivers 1 stars. A client requested a trip during University of California, Berkeley commencements. The first order he gave the driver, "Hurry up because I am running late to work." The moment he stepped into the vehicle, the client admitted he was running late. His job location was several miles away. Uber and Partners cannot perform miracles.

The client's Uber driver reached the job location a few minutes less than the quoted time. However, this rider made sure to criticize Uber and their Uber Partners for the system getting him late to work. He also gave his 4.9+ Uber driver a 1 star.

Why does Uber allow this poor treatment? They allow clients to abuse their Uber drivers. Do they not understand that drivers rely on good ratings to stay on the road?

It's obvious this client blamed his time management issues on Uber and drivers. He complained that a certain amount of time went missing. This rider got what he deserved with receiving the lowest score possible. In the future, Uber drivers will view him differently than before receiving a low score.

Uber needs to revise their policies. How can they allow a client to abuse the system without contacting the driver to compare this feedback? Unethical of Uber to keep running a broken system.

Time for Uber to consider retraining their support team. It's a nightmare dealing with these employees. Uber clients with a vendetta can/will hurt drivers out of jealous and hate.

Shameful to allow a terribly rude client to submit a 1 star to harm a Veteran Uber driver who opened his door, greeted him, drove safely, and treated him with the highest respect. Late riders should change their ways instead of pointing the blame at hard working Uber drivers.

Uber must do a better job of waiting to contact a rider about them being rude. Uber clients who receive complaints from drivers will retaliate with low stars. Their mentality is an eye for an eye. If any high-rated drivers (4.9) get a 1 star, Uber should request feedback from this Partner. Otherwise, we have a platform where low-rated riders are jeopardizing the future of top-rated drivers. 

Uber has a lot of work to do! If any star ratings are less than 3, riders and drivers better explain the reason they're submitting the 1 and 2 stars. We also heard of clients giving 1 star by accident, but they forget to Uber and revise this mistake. Client mistakes will eventually doom Uber drivers.

In this trip, as described above, this client continues to criticize Uber and drivers for his lack of punctuality. He relies on estimates that are highly inaccurate. Uber GPS has fatal ETA issues. It doesn't account for traffic and sends most inexperienced drivers on poor routes.

If Uber enjoys having their Veteran Uber drivers suffer from rude clients, then this loyal relationship will be gone soon. Unfortunately, Lyft drivers earn more than Uber drivers. These Lyft drivers also get tips, which Uber refuses to integrate in the Partner app. Uber needs to step up their game to protect drivers against rude clients. Loyalty is basically all they have remaining among their drivers. Lack of surges, sporadic boosts, and other problems are watering down the once great Uber.