Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Set a Destination" feature is useless on Uber

"Set a Destination" feature is available on the Uber driver app. Uber drivers can set a destination and the system will connect them with trips that only travel in that direction. Why push this feature?

Uber gives their drivers 2 opportunities per day to activate the highly coveted destination feature. In small fine print, Uber warns "Trips, hours, and fares received towards your destination do not count toward your." We assume "your" means your promotions. Basically, no trips taken under this feature count towards any promotions. That seems unfair! 

If you're trying to accomplish any of the weekly and/or weekend goals, please avoid setting the destination feature because you won't get credit and could waste your time. Our best advice is to go offline and take a break, or just go home and drive again later on. 

Uber drivers should not be penalized for setting the home feature. For the most part, Uber encourages their drivers to use this feature to maximize earnings while returning back home. Nevertheless, none of the trips taken and hours worked under this feature count toward promotional goals. Perhaps, encouraging this feature will limit the number of bonuses to be paid out. 

Uber drivers deserve the best treatment. They make Uber possible. We always hear that riders have the power of influence. To be clear and straight to the point, riders need transportation services; they rely on ride services to get around. Taxi services are frowned upon, so riders prefer ridesharing services. 

As many people know, ridesharing drivers are independent contractors. They have far more flexibility than most company drivers. Chauffeur drivers must accept all scheduled trips. They're pressured to make drop-offs and retrieve pick-ups. Under all this stress, chauffeur drivers make peanut pay. 

Uber drivers are measured via ratings, comments and reports, cancellations, and acceptance rate. They have a right to decline a trip if they feel unsafe. Uber drivers have access to around the clock support through their driver app. Their partnership matters to Uber. 

If a chauffeur driver declined a trip, they would have to file a report of doing this with their company. Chauffeur drivers also accept a meager 40% of all pay, excluding the 60% cut their companies take for supplying a car, gas, and car washes. Make $100k and only see $40k minus taxes. All that driving to make unappealing earnings driving around rude rich executives. 

In any case, setting a destination to travel home is a risky feature. Do you like making your weekly/weekend promotions? Drive home the normal way rather than use this in-app feature to pad your earnings. If you keep accepting trips that take you backwards, go offline. Have a safe day driving!