Friday, December 02, 2016

Stop canceling trips while in progress

There are some Uber clients who attempt to block Uber drivers from accomplishing weekly goals. As you may know, Uber drivers are offered incentives to complete an X amount of trips per week.

Recently, we noticed that clients are ordering rides for other friends and canceling these trips once they near the destination. These clients do this often enough to identify in-trip cancelations as a recurring problem Uber must address. 

When this issue is brought to the attention of Uber support, they don't understand. They really don't know! You can keep explaining this ride cancellation to them, but they keep telling you don't worry you got paid for this trip. This is not the issue we're trying to resolve; we know we got paid for the fare up to the point of cancellation. No matter how many times you try, Uber support just doesn't get it. 

Simple facts: Riders order a ride for a friend/family/stranger. Driver transports this person to their intended destination. Unfortunately, this rider cancels the trip before a driver reaches the destination. Although the trip pays the driver a fare from pickup address to time of cancellation, this trip is not counted toward the promotion. It is a cancelled trip! Are you getting this Uber Support? 

When that time comes on early Monday morning to accomplish trip milestones, some drivers are missing their trip goals by a ride or two. It is because you don't understand this issue with clients complicating the process by canceling trips while they are in progress. 

We know one driver who has experienced this problem several times, maybe even a few dozen times. Every single time this driver notifies Uber Support of the same issue, they continue to point out that this driver got paid for that specific ride. Who cares about the fare? The trip, itself, is the issue in hand. 

If a driver fails to reach the 120 trip incentive for $500, they only qualify to receive a $140 bonus for 50 trips. This is a huge difference in earnings, especially if clients get cancel happy and show a lack of respect for Uber drivers.

The next time, clients should try their best to allow trips to traditionally end. Stop canceling trips before they end, because your actions are impacting driver earnings. If drivers fail to reach trip incentives as a result of your in-ride cancellations, you are to blame for this setback.  

Where will a driver go to find another ride at 3am-4am in the morning to replace the one you cancelled? Better yet, you requested this driver to transport a friend to the slowest city in the Bay Area. Then, you cancel the trip while in progress to put this driver at risk of legal issues.   

After this cancellation occurs mid-ride, drivers may receive another ride request. At this time, there are all kind of problems that can happen: Driving a rider without an active ride in progress can potentially expose drivers to insurance lapses if an accident should unexpectedly happen.  

Uber has still yet to understand that no cancelled trips are counted toward trip milestones. This includes canceled trips while trips are in progress. The moment this trip is canceled, the fare is calculated from pickup address to the cancellation location.

However, this driver must take this rider home without an active trip in progress. There are risks involved, so try your best to be respectful of drivers who choose to drive your friends, family, co-workers and you to destinations.