Saturday, December 03, 2016

New Rider App shaping up to become a disaster

Uber clients have expressed major disappointment in the new Uber rider app. This app continues to plot riders at different locations. Furthermore, there is an extended delay in notifying riders of driver arrivals.

One chef was furious about the new app. With every requested ride, the pickup address appears to shift within a few blocks to several blocks away. He shared it's tougher to move between Uber services. Nevertheless, inputting pickup addresses require additional work.

Some clients don't know they can bypass the current location to input another address.

Another loyal Uber client referred to this new app as unnecessary. He shared wrong pickup addresses are frequent enough to become a growing problem. There are delays in the customary rider notification, as these clients assume their drivers are still driving to retrieve them.

Many additional riders indicated the rider app put them in rides they prefer to not take. In example, several riders need an UberX ride and somehow an UberPool is booked.

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