Friday, December 02, 2016

Most Absurd Question

Uber drivers are super trendy in this technological-driven time. Everyday people request Uber to supplement their daily transportation needs. Uber is the quickest way to summon rides and reach intended destinations in a reasonable time.

All of a sudden, new drivers are now asking whether they can bring along another friend to keep them company and/or a bodyguard for protection purposes while they perform ridesharing services.  This is the most absurd question ever asked concerning Uber. 

Seasoned Uber drivers understand all seats must be free to seat all riders. They also realize that clients may feel uncomfortable, even antsy to ride Uber. Most people have their comfort zone, so crossing this line can create negative experiences. The star rating system measures client personal perception of drivers. 

If new and/or existing Uber drivers bring along another co-rider, this can result in bad ratings and negative feedback. A client may also complain to Uber about this driver. It also makes other Uber drivers look unprofessional, as uninformed riders assume another UberPool rider is their friend.  

Don't bring another co-rider along for any rides. If you're an Uber driver working on any given day, please keep all babies, kids, friends, significant others, pets, bodyguards and family members at home. 

Ridesharing services are intended to be performed without extra baggage, unless, of course, your clients must store personal items inside your private vehicles. It will likely freak clients out to see other people not part of UberPool riding along during their trips. 

Just think about how you feel if your Uber driver transported an unauthorized person. At times, clients do get confused on how UberPool works. Some clients have assumed a rider sitting upfront is a friend, when in fact they selected the wrong service.

On several occasions, riders have questioned the identity of front riders. They ask if this person is their friend, are they training this individual, or who the hell is this person? It's professional to introduce new riders to existing riders just like you would house guests.   

Uber has not done a poor job with rider education. A portion of riders are left in the dark about how Uber works. They don't have any indication of a rider rating system, that pin drops can shift further away from pickup addresses, wrong destinations are inputted, wrong number of riders for UberPool, over-seating that can put driver at risk, and additional challenges, confront most Uber drivers. 

In regards to co-riders,  Uber drivers must remain solo while online. Don't bring any person in your vehicle that is not part of UberX and/or UberPool. Exercise good integrity to ensure all clients feel comfortable during trips, which means you must leave all additional riders at home. 

If you need a bodyguard to ride along, you're definitely in the wrong line of work. You may as well become a celebrity so you have a reason to be protected in your personal ride.  

Good luck and Happy Ridesharing!