Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Get out and Vote Today!

Ready to change America? Get out and vote today! Voting is a right you have. Don't limit this right to remain silent on issues. If you believe in your candidate, in your political party, in our future change, make your voice heard. Today is a historical general election. Join the movement to take part in this rare moment.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) served as the First Lady of The United States with her husband, who was the former President of the United States between 1994-2002. HRC has a chance to defy presidential election trends, which in the United States, no woman has ever been voted in as Commander in Chief.

HRC is becoming the first female to do everything. She is the first woman to win the Democratic National Party nomination. She is the first to get elected as a U.S. Senator in New York. She held political office as the Secretary of State under President Obama. Hillary is making history one step at a time.

When HRC lost the Democratic nomination in 2008, she didn't give up on her presidential bid. Instead, she regrouped to build toward another shot at achieving the highest office in the world. All women before HRC can be thanked for paving the way for this historical presidential election today. Will Tuesday, November 8, 2016, become a rare moment in American history?

Hillary Rodham Clinton is fighting for equal rights, making the rich class pair their fare share of taxes, protecting the environment, challenging gun violence, improving health care, reforming immigration policies, creating jobs and increasing wages, preventing racism and discrimination, backing U.S. Military Veterans, and keeping animals and wildlife safe.

Donald J. Trump (D.J. Trump) is a real estate mogul known more for his hard-nosed, candid personality than his billionaire status. He announced his presidential candidacy back in 2015. Before entering the 2016 Presidential race, Trump has expressed interest in pursuing a political run as The President of the United States at least several times. Finally, D.J. Trump joined the Republican ticket and outlasted all GOP candidates to certify his party's nomination.

The real estate tycoon has made it publicly known that under his watch as The President of the United States he is ready to build a wall to block out outsiders to strengthen immigration policies, fight against terrorism and ISIS by temporarily banning people from high risk regions to protect national security, bolster the economy through creating job opportunities, toughen up tax codes, repeal Obamacare, and restore America's values, to name a few. D.J. Trump is employing his conventional approach to maintain Republican voters, steal Democrat allegiances, and woo Independents to his side.

Donald J. Trump hosted The Apprentice, a hit show on NBC. His "You're Fired" catchphrase attracted millions of fans. His popularity, his notoriety increased in the 1980's. We admit that D.J. Trump speaks what he thinks. He doesn't hold back anything. His honesty and strong, rigid approach are what half of Americans believe could improve the United States. However, elected officials warn against backing away from tradition as unpopular may lead to alienation. With Donald J. Trump's successful track record as a global brand, he believes his temperament is what the oval office needs to shake up Washington. An outsider who uninfluenced and untouched are some of public calls we've heard around the campaign trail.

Will it be Hillary Rodham Clinton for President? Or will the nation vote for Donald J. Trump as the next American President? We eagerly await the general election results. Once the media begins calling states in favor of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the excitement will build to the end.

The 2016 General Election is shaping up to become historical. Who will you vote for? Already mailed-in your ballot? That's great! Going to the polls to vote? Give a ride. Help people cast their votes. It is time to make your voice heard today. Thank you for voting!