Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Drunk Riders create Ridesharing Business and deactivate Drivers

Drunk riders are a large part of ridesharing business. When the bars close and parties end at venues, drunk people need rides back home. They summon the closest driver via their ride sharing app.

Drivers arrive in a reasonable time to transport these drunken riders. On the Lyft platform, this ride sharing company refuse to take into account poor ratings that drunk riders submit to harm hard working drivers.

As a ridesharing driver, would you rather transport low risk daily riders or high risk drunk riders? The latter selection is your worst choice because drunken riders do inappropriate things and shift blame to drivers. On Lyft, there is no shortage of low-rated drunken riders submitting 1-3 stars.

According to a Lyft driver manager in the Fall of 2013, a deactivated Lyft driver who could possible get reconsidered should stop driving at night. Night driving is what offers Lyft drivers access to valuable ridesharing business. However, ride earnings play a secondary role as a ridsharing driver.

What counts most are star ratings and feedback. Star ratings represent the G.P.A. that allow drivers to remain active. Given this, riders understand the difference between low-rated and high-rated drivers. They praise 4.9+ drivers; however, they rarely mention 4.7-4.8 star ratings.

Many factors afford drivers good star ratings, but safe driving, smooth driving, good first impression, attentiveness, and genuine hospitality make a huge difference. Even so, professionally dressed drivers will turn heads and attract respect. Making conversation and/or cease talking can help drivers perform well. It matters to score good ratings since low-rated drivers may eventually get deactivated.

Drunken riders on Lyft compromise Lyft drivers. These erratic, belligerent riders accidentally and/or purposely submit low ratings. If and when drivers receive 1-2 star ratings, ridesharing companies should follow-up to make sure these ratings are accurate.

So many drunken riders have caused drivers to get deactivated at Lyft. These drivers experience extreme financial hardship because they left previous jobs to take a risk as a driver. It is extremely important for ride platforms to take into account poor ratings that drunken riders submit.

No driver deserves to get deactivated for driving drunk people home. Lyft didn't understand their flawed rating system enough to help their drivers avoid a dark fate.

Beware of driving drunken riders. If you notice your passengers are passed out on the road, you have the right to cancel this trip. Remember; you relinquish your control after starting a trip. The only way a driver can end a ride is to close a trip, which means the rider can rate them.

Want to avoid driving drunken riders? Drive in the morning, at noon and in the early evening. Good luck!