Thursday, November 03, 2016

Driver Referral Bumper Sticker a No No at SFO

Uber recently sent driver referral bumper stickers out to Partners. The primary goal: Uber is trying to increase the number of referrals for existing Partners who refer new drivers to drive on their ride platform. In this package, Uber never told their drivers that SFO officials would fine drivers bearing these referral stickers on bumpers.

However, Uber is now warning drivers via email to remove these bumper stickers before making drop-offs and pickups at SFO. If they don't remove these promotional ads, SFO officials can fine them.

Are Uber drivers going to remember to step outside their vehicle to take off those bumper stickers? Who really knows? Trying to make several hundred per referral may cause drivers to get cited at SFO.

Why should Uber drivers take a risk making referral bonuses? They already earn fares driving people. Furthermore, hybrid Uber drivers deliver food on UberEats and drive people on UberX and UberPool mode to earn fares based on distance and time. Driving people, food and items are reliable methods to make a living with Uber.

Despite UberX, UberPool, UberEats and UberRush earnings, Uber basically encourages their drivers to maximize earnings through a referral incentive program. They allow Partners to earn extra earnings once new driver referrals complete qualified trips in selected regions. It is important to note: Referral bonuses vary region to region. All referral incentives are paid the following week.

Beware of using this bumper sticker to generate referral leads. If drivers promote Uber with these bumper stickers, SFO officials may approach them and issue a fine. Don't take a risk applying this sticker to your bumper just because Uber is suggesting it can boost earnings. They're now urging Partners to be especially careful to remove this bumper sticker while on SFO premises. Otherwise, these unfortunate drivers may get cited for violating airport protocol -- as this rules applies to drivers operating under TNC companies.