Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why not freedom to choose Delivery, UberX and UberPool trips?

UberX drivers, known as hybrid drivers, can transport people and food. Unfortunately, Uber doesn't give their drivers the freedom to choose UberX, UberPool and UberEats trips. These drivers complete the requests they receive without controlling trip types using in-app filters.

Weekly promotions give drivers who complete 30, 50, 80, 100, and 120 trips a bonus to offset low fares. Nonetheless, Uber restricts the number of UberEats delivery trips that count toward this promotion to 30 per week.

What if drivers keep receiving multiple UberEats trips? What if they need to complete more UberX and UberPool trips? It is up to drivers to adjust to times outside of UberEats delivery schedules. If drivers are positioned in areas where there are a high concentration of UberEats requests, they are likely to receive multiple trips. If this is done many times during a given week, any deliveries past 30 won't count in their trip milestone promotions. High peak times for UberEats: 11am-2pm and 5pm-9pm.

Another problem area is UberPool trips. As recent as a few months ago, Uber is now automatically connecting UberPool trips without driver permission. Most of the time, drivers must listen for a beep for clients added to routes. It is easy to follow a route drivers assume belong to first client.

UberPool trips can continuously connect riders up to 5 times in a one trip. Of course, this occurs after dropping off existing riders and replacing them with new clients. Fortunately, UberPool trips represent the best way to increase weekly trip count.

UberX drivers will find completing 100 and 120 trips per week challenging since longer trips that can last up to 3 hours and end in furthermost regions count as one trip. With UberEats deliveries mixed into this equation, there are limitations to the amount of these trips accepted in the weekly trip milestone promotion.

Plan accordingly to make adjustments. Complete trips outside of delivery times. Drive at times in which UberPool trips are most common. Anticipate long UberX and UberPool trips that reduce trip average.

The truth is that UberX drivers operate under a dark cloud. They must follow terms and conditions to earn incentives and bonuses. They can't pick and choose trips without lowering acceptance rate. If acceptance drops below 80 percent for UberEats, drivers run the risk of temporary deactivation.

In contrast, drivers are warned for canceling trips under a poor policy to only give riders a 2-minute window to accept UberPool rides. Uber knows that drivers are unable to move on without canceling trips as "no-shows" since clients refuse to reply back to text messages and answer calls. They shouldn't use these cancelations as a penalty against drivers.

The worst action that could set any driver back is deactivation. Broken down vehicles may ground drivers for extended periods of time. Constant cancellations on drivers' side could irk Uber. As you may know, Uber favors their clients and rarely want to burden them. To this day, Uber refuses to integrate an in-app tipping feature and don't want riders to wait longer than quoted on ETA.

Meanwhile, drivers struggle to use restroom and get gas. It is challenging to locate an open restroom at night because most 24-hour locations close them down or use the common "out of order" excuse to block access.

San Francisco is currently requiring San Francisco drivers to pay hundreds per year in business permit fees; however, they won't mandate open businesses to give drivers permission to use restrooms. Gas stations providing gas services should be required to open restroom facilities to drivers. If the city of San Francisco is requesting millions in annual fees, they better do something to earn this money.

Despite these challenges, Uber drivers continue to enjoy freedom of earning money without a set schedule. No matter how low fares reduce, Uber drivers realize Uber will hold promotions and incentives to reward them. What could help drivers is to allow them freedom to choose trips.

If drivers want to have a day of only UberEats, they can select this prompt. Once these drivers are open to all trips, they can set this feature. Setting restrictions on trip milestone promotion to only 30 UberEats trips per week influence drivers. They lack control completing UberX and UberPool trips at busy times while deliveries constantly arrive for hours. Long pickup and delivery times impact overall efficiency.

Best of luck on your driving goals!

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