Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What happened to UberEats delivery orders?

Uber asked an UberX/UberPool/UberEats driver what happened to delivering on UberEats? This driver is questioning how he has no freedom to deliver at will. When he wants UberEats orders, he keeps receiving UberX and UberPool trips. In the past few weeks, this driver has received less than 10 UberEats requests. There is no mode to switch between driving people and delivering food.

Uber unveiled a feature that matches their drivers to another closer fare. If matched with a cheaper surge, a driver will never receive less than a higher guarantee of the two trips. Introducing a feature that uses an algorithm to determine closer proximity is much more advanced than allowing a single/dual mode with UberEats and UberX/UberPool.

How can a driver know when Uber will decide to send UberEats requests? On nights he goes out to drive in UberEats regions at 5pm, he doesn't receive a request. To top this off, he ends up receiving long UberX and UberPool trips that take him out of delivery zones.

Uber should consider integrating a feature that allows their hybrid drivers to either make deliveries, drive people, or do both. If a driver is interested in making deliveries, give them the freedom to do this. Setting a cap on the number of deliveries permitted (30 deliveries) in milestone weekly promotions could help or hurt drivers. If drivers need to drive people, they get deliveries. If drivers need to make deliveries, they receive multiple ride requests. There is no balance between driving people and making deliveries.

For Uber to send a driver a message on what happened to their delivery status is unprofessional. An UberX/UberPool driver has no idea when a delivery request will arrive. However, drivers understand that no orders will be submitted in East Bay of Northern California after midnight. This limits their delivery reach, as San Francisco deliveries can arrive up to 3am.

Integrate a button to give drivers the option to choose mode. Withholding destinations from drivers could influence their deliveries since they have no way of knowing how far an UberX/UberPool will travel. Once taken out of a delivery zone into a furthermost region, Uber drivers can/will miss out on delivery requests. What happened to delivery orders Uber?