Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Set a Destination to Specific Address Feature

Last year, Uber released a feature that allows their Partners to input a specific destination and populate ride requests traveling in this direction. However, the drawback in using this feature is Uber refusing to count any trips, fares, and hours toward any current promotions. In restricting this destination feature, drivers are unwilling to take a risk complicating their promotional goals.

Why should a driver set a destination home? Setting a destination enables Uber Partners to accept trips going into the same direction, rather than connect with blind ride requests that could possibly take them further away. Drivers are encouraged to make additional fares on the way back home.

Uber is ensuring all drivers know they have their backs. Unfortunately, this ride giant is hiding destinations to favor their clients. They play petty games with drivers. Uber temporarily removes pause a ride button that usually helps Uber drivers take extended breaks and get gas. They automatically connect drivers with UberPool riders and use back-to-back ride connections to keep hooking new rides several minutes before ending a current trip. This non-stop movement complicates the driving process.

Too bad Uber is unwilling to reveal rider destinations ahead of reaching pickup addresses. There is no way of knowing where a client is traveling; Uber hides all destinations until drivers begin trips. Most clients assume drivers already know their destination. They tell the driver, you already know where I'm going. The truth is, these drivers have no clue of the final destination before reaching pickup address.

Maybe decision-makers at Uber should drive people until they run out of gas and almost blow their bladders. In doing this, they can understand the challenges their drivers face on the roads. Please stop playing games removing the pause ride button. This set a destination feature is useless, since you don't count trips and fares toward promotions and bonuses.

The pause feature is super flawed. One time, a driver set this feature to leave San Francisco. They got connected so many times, that 3 hours later they returned back to the original location. Another time, this feature stopped matching trips and all of sudden connected a driver to a long ride request going in the opposite direction. This driver eventually drove greater than 100 miles away from home.

Before introducing the pause button, a driver kept receiving UberPool requests and really needed gas. If it were not for two nice UberPool riders telling this driver to get gas, he would have run out of fuel while driving clients. The driver completed multiple rides in the outer East Bay, and then took a long trip into San Francisco. After reaching the city, they got matched with additional rides. An UberPool trip started from San Francisco State University and ended in the Marina District.

It is not an easy to ignore trips. On promotional nights, drivers would get disqualified falling under 90 percent acceptance rate. Even so, canceling multiple trips would generate a warning from Uber. With UberPool, automatic connections are added to current trips. Over using the pause button can activate a temporary suspension of this feature. Ignoring a back-to-back trip resends the same request once again.

Catch 22 is a problem! Drivers are damned if they do, damned if they don't. The best way to handle this destination issue is to count trips and fares toward promotions or allow unlimited use of pause a ride button. Riders make many mistakes requesting default UberPool instead of UberX, so having this pausing feature on hand can accommodate them.

The moment a driver discovers the pause a ride button is gone, the dam is close to breaking. They desperately need to use the restroom and get gas. They don't receive UberEats delivery requests to soften this blow. It is impossible to use the restroom and get gas while on UberPool trips, as well as while en en route to retrieve a new rider. Withholding destinations, restricting promotions, and removing features cast light on the real truth - Uber doesn't really care about their drivers and don't have their backs.